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Magazine Design

1) Cutline- Is another word for a caption, which is what describes what is happening in a photo

2) Sidebar-information placed adjacent to an article

3) Headline-Is the title of an article

4) Pull quotes- is a quotation from an article that is placed in a larger typeface on the same page, used to highlight a key topic

5) Mugshots-a photograph of someone’s face

6) Boxout-

7) Caption-is what describes what is happening in a photo

8) Credits-Recognises/gives reference to the publishing company , editors , writers etc.

9) Exclusive-exclusive can refer to information provided to or available from only one news outlet

10) Lead story- Is the main story that a magazine is covering in that issue 

11) Masthead-The main title of the magazine , or a list usually found on the editorial page

12) Pugs-

13) Secondary Lead-

14) Spread-The space in which an article or photo is spread out across

15)Tagline-Is a branding slogan ,  the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone of the article 

16) Splash-The main Story

17) Lure-something used to attract people into buying the magazine

18) Cut-Cut is to shorten the newspaper or can also mean a photograph from the newspaper

19) Jump line-t the bottom of an article saying where the story continues

20) Dateline-is a short piece of text included in news articles that describes where and when the story was written or filed

21) Ears-the white spaces either side of the newspaper’

s name, sometimes this space has the weather or lottery information there.

22) Deck-a phrase, sentence or several sentences near the title of an article or story

23) By-line-article gives the name, and often the position, of the writer of the article

24) Menu/Index-An index is a list of words or phrases and associated pointers, where useful information relating to that heading can be found in a document.

25) Photocredit- Recognises the photographer of the photo 

26) Discuss the use of colour on a magazine page.

Each issue, the cover of a magazine usually follows a colour theme. This usually consists of two or three colours, these colours tend to be quite vibrant to catch the attention on the audience , however this does not alway apply for every audience. 

For example on this magazine cover 


There are three colours used white ,yellow and pink, this magazine is aimed at teenage girls so the colours are vibrant and ‘girly’.


27) Why use a ‘dominant art’ selection on your page?

A dominant art selection is a  design that attracts the reader to pay attention to the magazine and ultimatley buy it.

28) Discuss how typography is used in a magazine design.

Typography is the technique of arranging typefaces and font designs. Typography is crucial to a magazine design as it allows readers to clearly read and understand the magazine

This magazine uses bold colours and large font types as a tool to attract the reader.

29) What is a grid used for in laying out your magazine?

Grid systems bring visual structure and balance to a magazine design. Grids are used for organizing and presenting information within a magazine design 

30) What is the importance of using a grid based layout when designing a page?

Without using a grid based design magazine design can look messy and unclear and may confuse the reader which in turn may deter the reader from buying the magazine. 


31) List Three Careers in each of the following categories:

a) Journalism – Radio , presenting , Print

b) Writing-freelance , 

c) Reporting-News , Sports , weather 

32) Define a feature article- A feature article is the primary focus/ the main story , within a publication.


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Media Timeline =]

Media Timeline

1. Media has probably been around for about 1000 years

2. The diamond sutra was printed in 868

3.   In 1593-1661 Ayman Omar mastered ’printing and casting’ technique 

4. In 1472 William Caxton pantented his printing press 

5. William caxton published the Canterbury Tales in 1476 

6. In 1500’s the first text to be published in english was William Tyndale’s new Testament 

7. A newspaper by Johann Carolus the Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien published in 1605, is recognized as the world’s first newspaper. However the Dutch Courante uyt italian, Duytslandt,&c. in 1618.

8. The first folio of shakesperes plays was published in 1623 

9.The BBC was first recognised in 1922

10. The first tabloid newspaper was 

11. The first type writer was invented in  1867 by christopher latham

12. 1936 saw Konrad Zuse invent the first computer.

13.There are many different dates for when the first camera was invented however the first camera practical for photography was built by John Strognofe in 1685 and the first First permanent photograph was taken in f 1827 by Joseph Nicephone using wooden box camera.

14. The first gramaphone was invented in 1877 and was first patneted in 1887 by Emile Berliner

15. Sony released the worlds first CD player.

16. The VCR was invented in 1971 along with the dot matrix printer

17. Proposals for the DVD were made in 1992 however were DVD’s were made in 1998

18. Don Juan was the first film with sound , this was made in 1926

19. The first commercial radio station begun in 1973

20.  An advert for Gibbs S R toothpaste was the first advert to be aired on commercial tv, on september 12th 1955

21. The first breakfast tv show was aired in 1952 on NBC

22. Media began – years ago 

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