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Media Language

Media Language

Images of the key settings and the main characters

  1. What is the title of the film? foundation degree in animation
  2. What can you say about the way in which the title graphics have been created? Simple, and created connotations of technology
  3. Who is starring in the film? Ben, Bianca and Tony
  4. Where are the stars’ names placed ?At the bottom of the screen
  5. Why? not to distract attention away from them
  6. Describe the key images in the film. The teapot
  7. Why have they been chosen? It was said to be the hardest thing to make and everyone has to learn how to make it at some time.
  8. Talk about what images are used – stars, setting, colours, symbols, (mise-en-scene).Nervous man shows the audience that he can be related to, and even though he is in charge of a company he stil gets nervous. Also the wires and equipment can be seen, as it’s related to the topic and it shows that it’s an amature film.
  9. What do they suggest/signify? Previously answered
  10. What other images are used?The harlow college logo, Creation studios logo and demos on the computer.
  11. What are the most important colours in the film? Blue and white
  12. Why do you think these were chosen?They symbolise the colours of harlow college, where the degree will take place
  13. What do you think the film is about? foundation degree in animation
  14. Who is the target audience?Other students and people who are interested in animation


  1. What clues are there to the narrative? she asks questions to keep it flowing
  2. What can you tell about the genre of the film and the types of characters from their facial expression, body language, stance, appearance and position? They all look relaxed and happy which shows that its not an intense environment and that the people are real.
  3. What makes you say this? They are dressed casually, and talk happily and they look laid back.
  4. Is their a key image for you from the film? All the images are equally significant at portraying the message of the film, i feel there is not just one key image.


  1. What is the USP (the unique selling point) in the film? Its aiomed specifically at students considering amination at harlow college, its one of a kind and no one would be competing against it.
  2. What makes it different from other films? Its not aimed to entertain or has a storyline, its informative and aims to put students minds at rest before coming to college

Analysing Moving Image Texts: ‘Film Language’

21. SIGNS, CODES and CONVENTIONS Discuss the use of Denotation; connotation, iconic, icons; symbols,the kettel is an icon and people who are interested in animation will understand the symbolism of this

22. MISE-EN-SCENE Discuss m-e-s in a certain scene (French for ‘put in the scene’) When Ben is sitting in his room talking about animation, he is shown in a comfortable, safe environmant and also there is artifical lighting which is reflected of the computer. You can also see a cmputer screen, showing a demo of animation.

23. EDITING. Discuss the role of editing in the film. There are alot of quick cuts and a natural flow of editing which shows continuation of the story, also the screen shots of the PCs are put over the top of the scene.

24. SHOT TYPES Discuss the role of shot types in the film.

25. LIGHTING Discuss the role of lighting in the film

26. VISUAL EFFECTS / SFX Discuss the role of Effects in the film

27. REALISM ‘Verisimilitude’ Discuss whether the film is realistic.

28. Why is this so?

29. Institutions– who produced it?

30. What influence this has on the text?

31. Genre. Discuss the kind of genre the film is about.

32. How can we identify the conventions of this kind of genre.

33. RepresentationDiscuss the representation of one person in terms of who?

34. What?

35. Where?

36. When?

37. Why?

38. Is it accurate/ biased/fair?

39 Audience – who its aimed at?

40. Made for?

41. Mode of address?

42. Ideologies and values – which ideas, beliefs and values of society underpin the text?

43. NarrativeDiscuss how the narrative– develops e.g. texts structure e.g. , character roles and themes that arise


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