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Now that we had created the presentation we knew we could get in to the motion of creating storyboards, characters and scripts. We held a meeting within the group to discuss what location we were going to use , what types of shots we needed for the film and what music we wanted, we also created a script and thought of characterisations for our characters. , after completing this we created.

This photo shows us disscussing the options for our film

Location: We decided that we could use my house to film the scene where the two girls are chatting on the computer, this is because we could use the style of window to our advantage to give the impression that they are trapped , so this location was the best suggestion as opposed to using one of the computer rooms within the college. We then thought that we could use the local park, of which Rosie and Elliott looked at too see how suitble it was for the scene, that involves the girl running away through a foresty type setting in the dark.

Here a some pictures of the swing and the park we plan to use in our film:















Here are some pictures of  the house setting:










Characterisation:Girl one: Ruby Partridge

Either wears a white top to show innocence or a school uniform to also suggest the same meaning.

She would be a typical girly teenager interested in clothes , make-up and boys

Girl two: Emily

Has the same characteristics as Ruby as they are of similsr personalities.

The predator: Danny Jefferies

He will pretened to be 18 years , when he is actually 30/40 years of age.

On his profile there would be a picture of him posing in the mirror , which are typical profile photos found on social networking sites nower days.

Scenes/ Shots needed:

Shot 1: Pan up looking into the window of the room through blinds. With sombre, dark music playing.

We decided to have the shot looking through the blinds with sombre music , to create an air of mystery and suspision and the illusion the the girls are being watched. This also reinforces the idea that it will not be a lighthearted film.

Shot 2: Edit through the blinds into the actually room. Sombre music fades out and a non copyrighted version of The Kooks song ‘naive’ will be playing.

We though that it would be a good idea to play the song ‘naive’ to demonstrate the naivity of the two girls. Therefore reflecting the situation that the two girls are in

Shot 3: Girl 1 ( Ruby) looks at the screen and calls her friend ( Emily) over

Shot 4: Camera looks at the screen revealing the young male’s ( Danny Jefferies) profile.

Shot 5: Flash foward to a shot of a creaky swing in the middle of the dark park.

We thought that this shot would illustrate the girls vulnerability and demonstrate how they are still infact children.

Shot 6: It would then flash back to the screen of Ruby typing ‘c u wednesday’ over the social networking site.

Shot 7: Flash foward to the girl running , breathing heavily and crying for only a few seconds

Shot 8: It would then flash back to the girls in their room saying ‘ i can’t beleive your going to meet up with him , giggling and laughing.

Shot 9: This will then flash foward to Ruby to running again with two sets of footsteps , a scream will be heard and the title ‘instant messenger/Instant murder’ Appears on the screen.

We thought this sequence would be effective as the flashbacks create enigma code and an exciting begining to the film, also the shots we’ve chose will give the atmosphere of the girls being watched.


Story Boards

Story Boards

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 2












Script :

[turns to emily , calling her over with her hand.]

Ruby : Oh my god Ems , come and look at this , im on Danny’s profile , and he’s uploaded new pics!

[Big smile travels across her face]

[Shocked but happy facial expression ]

Emily: Wow , ruby , your so lucky , he is gorgeous!!

Ruby: Ahh , he is talking to me again , i think he really likes me !

[Excited tone in voice]

[camera looks at computer screen ‘ do you want to meet up?]

Ruby: Do you think i should ?

Emily: Yeah, defo , you have to meet up with him!

This is our original written script











We decided to use colloquilisms such ‘defo’ and ‘yeah’ because we though this type of language was common to the average , every day teenager , this is in order to demonstrates the equality between the two girls , it also shows that they are of the same peer groups. Furthermore we shortened the name ‘Emily’ down to ‘Ems’ to show the closness between the girls and also how comfortable they are with eachother.


After this we then went on to create the facebook pages of Danny and Ruby Here are some print screens of their profiles:

print screen of Danny's profile

print screen of Danny's profile




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When introduced to the main task brief the group and i had already had an idea of what type of film we wanted to create. The assignment was to create the titles and the opening scene to a film that had to last a maximum of two minutes . After the trouble with the extras we had experianced with our preliminary task , we decided that we wanted to create a film with a minimal amount of actors, furthermore we also knew that we wanted to create a film within a different genre to comedy, so that we could explore and express our creative ideas using the conventions of another genre , such as horror or thriller. Furthermore we knew we wanted to work a lot faster in this task , this meant immeadiatley coming up with ideas and deciding on a final one.

Although we had a rough idea of the type of film we wanted , we had to sit down and discuss our ideas in more detail and depth. We came up with four main ideas:

1) ‘When trolleys go bad’: This film would have been about trolleys that turn violent and attack local citizens. We thought this idea would bring in the genre of horror however there would be a comical aspect to this, furthermore we would not have to use many actors. However although there we some good points to make this film , it would have required us to talk to a supermarket to gain permission to use their trolleys. As a result we decided against this idea as it was illogical and difficult to take to seriously.

2) ‘Drugs Situation’ : This idea would have involved a party where a lot of drug taking occurs , due to this someone has overdosed and unfortunetley dies. As suspiscion around the nature of his death arises and police investigation follows , where all is not as it seems.

We also dismissed this idea as it would have required an ambulance , a house setting and ultimately lots of extras, which as i have said previously we did not want to use.

3) ‘Mind Games‘: This idea would have involved the opening scene taking place in a dark room with a mentally ill person who is having crazed fits , we would have then used a jump cut to take us to an ordinary day. We thought this idea would be an interesting concept and allow us to take advantage by using lots of enigma code.

4) ‘I.M’: This name would stand for instant messenger as well as instant murder. This idea involves the serious idea of online predators. We decided that we would pan upwards to look through the window of a girl and her friend giggling over the attractive male that they are speaking to online to give the idea that she is being watch. We would then use a jump cut to move into the girls room , where we would see the instant messaging conversation taking place with the words ‘ would you like to meet up?’ on the screen. We would then flash forward in time where the girl is being chased through the dark streets of her town. We would then flash back to her chatting on the computer, as the conversation progresses. We believed that this would show the audience what might happen, and also leave them slightly confused therefore using enigma code

Between ‘I.M’ and ‘Mind Games’ we had a tough decision with what to choose as they both seemed like interesting concepts to explore, as we had the oppourtunity to confuse the audience and create a gripping film. After some disscussion we decided to choose ‘I.M’ as we had a more in depth idea of the story line , the camera angles, and the titles we wanted to use. Furthermore we would be addressing and everyday situation that internet users could probably relate to.  For this type of movie we suggested that our target audience should be 15+ this is becuase would contain violence , murder and strong language , considering the horrer/ thriller type of genre. We also thought that it would be more interesting to those of a higher age as they would understand the concept of the film. Also we decided on the 15+ target audience based the the guidelines given by the BBFC for 15+ films, as we thought , if we were to continue making the film there would be violence and strong language. 


’15’ – Suitable only for 15 years and over

No-one younger than 15 may see a ‘15’ film in a cinema. 


No theme is prohibited, provided the treatment is appropriate to 15 year olds.


There may be frequent use of strong language . But the strongest terms will be acceptable only where justified by the context. Continued aggressive use of the strongest language is unlikely to be acceptable.


Nudity may be allowed in a sexual context but without strong detail. There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context.


Sexual activity may be portrayed but without strong detail. There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour.


Violence may be strong but may not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. Scenes of sexual violence must be discreet and brief.

Imitable techniques

Dangerous techniques (eg combat, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on imitable detail. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.


Strong threat and menace are permitted. The strongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable.


Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse.


Furthermore we released other thrillers like ‘The departed’ and ‘The sentinal’ are also rated 15 as they contain Violence and swearing.


The departed , another 15 rated film

The departed , another 15 rated film
















Once coming up with our idea we also had to decide on our smart targets , which are: 

The SMART targets we came up with were as follows; 

S- come up with ideas and develop these ideas further

M- The goal will be achieved when we have come up with all our ideas 

A-This is when everyone has agreed upon an idea

R- It is realistic because we will easliy be able to come up with ideas that conform to the brief

T-These ideas will be created in the initial weeks of the task.


S-Research our idea and the opening titles of film

M-This will be when we had looked at opening scenes and titles of films , and also researched the topic of online predators.

A- This will be achieved when everyone has looked up these topics , and put evidence of research into their blogs.

R-This is needed in order to fulfill the assignment brief

T-This will only take one day 


S- Create a Presentation to show to the class

M- The goal will be achieved when the presentation has been created

A-When our peers have given us feedback on the ideas we have come up with and the one we have chosen.

R-Its an achievable task

T- We estimate that it should take one lesson to create the presentation and one lesson to show it to the class


S- Create a story board, Script and find actors 

M- The goal will be achieved when the script has been written, the story board as been drawn , and actors have been recruited.

A-When everyone in the group has come to a unanomous decision on the scenes chosen and actors picked.

R-Its an achievable task

T- We estimate that it should take one week to complete this.


S-Start and finish the filming process

M-This will be achieved when we have finish filming all the scenes we need.

A-This will be when all group members are happy with what has been filmed

R-This is needed in order to fulfill the assignment brief

T-We estimate that it may take three to four weeks to film


S-Edit the film 

M-This will be achieved when the film has been produced

A-This will be when the group is happy with the scene selections and edits that have ben made.

R-When we get the desired outcome

T-We estimate that this will take three weeks


After deciding on one solid idea we had to carry out some research into what the opening scenes and titles of a film look like. To do this we went on to Youtube and looked at the opening scene of ‘Memento’. This was one of the only opening scene’s we found , as those of more interesting films were more difficult to find.



Print screen of production company

Print screen of production company










Print screen of directors name

Print screen of directors name










Print Screen of the opening scene and the title of the film

Print Screen of the opening scene and the title of the film










 When looking at the opening scene of ‘Memento’ i realised that in the titles we would have to include the names of a production company , the directors name , actors name as well as the title of our film which in our case would be ‘I.M’. The opening sequence also sets the scene for the rest of the movie and acts as an intirguing starter for the audience , with a good use of Enigma Code.

In the scene we found that they used music to introduce the film in order to create an atmosphere and an intirguing scenario within the audiences mind, the picture developing with this music creates engima code and then the film seems to play backwards as the man puts the undeveloped polloroid  back into his pocket and then a shot of blood trickling backwards up a wall.


To build on our research further we looked at more youtube videos on the topic online predators, which is the main topic of our film. This was in order to find out how exactly they formed a relationship with the child and what type of conversation the use to persuade them into meeting. We  wanted to know  what type of  camera angles they used to portray this type of secret and sinister theme. We saw that the predator was lacking in identiy and usually filmed from the side to create an air of mystery, furthermore the victim was a sterotypical female who is portrayed as young and naive . We also did this so that we could learn what type of conversation and behaviour we would need to construct and portray in our film.

This is the video we used to look at the portrayal of online predators


After finishing this research we knew that we could go on to create a presentation of all the ideas that we had come up with , although we had already decided on what idea we wanted to choose , we still thought it would be a good idea to get feedback from our peers and see what they thought about our ideas , and most importantly the idea we had chosen. This way we could also explain our main reasons for choosing the type of genre we wanted to explore , as well as our reasons for having minimal extras and so on.

Here is the presentation we created:










After this we knew that we could go on to develop our idea in terms of creating a storyboard  writing a script, and creating our characters , thinking about names , appearance and outfit colours.

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You will find our film, Desperate Measures at this link


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When we were first introduced to our coursework, in September we were given the main specifications for the coursework and the briefs of which we could choose from. The choice was between two assignment briefs, one was to create a college magazine, which had to include a photograph of a student in medium close-up, as mock up of a contents page and an appropriately laid-out text and a masthead. The other was a Continuity task which involved filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, a exchanging a couple of line of dialogue. 

I initially was in two minds about what brief to choose as they both posed their individual advantages and disadvantages.         The magazine brief appeared to be more difficult as it involved taking our own photos for both the front cover and the contents page of the magazine, illustrating advanced skills on Photoshop (a programme of which I did not feel very confident using) and finally it was an individual effort which meant that there was a lot of work involved for just one person. However comparing the magazine brief to the film brief, it did appear easier, in terms of not having to recruit actors or find a setting etc. On the other hand the film assignment did seem more appealing as it gave me the chance to be more creative with ideas that could conform to the brief, it also allowed gave me the chance to share my ideas within a group (as the task would have been too much for one person to complete). It was this that then led me to choose the film assignment.

In response to this I then had to find three other members of the media class that were too, interested in the film option, these were; Kimberly Grant, Elliot Bass and Rosie Golder. Once the group had been formed we looked at the brief in closer detail, it stated that we would have to film and edit a character opening a door and crossing a room then sitting down and exchanging dialogue with another character. Simultaneously we would have to ensure that the film conformed to continuity rules. For example this means having the characters wearing the same clothes within a scene, same appearances such as make-up and hair, the same props and finally the same extras. Furthermore we would also have to make sure that we obeyed the 180-degree rule, this meant only filming on one side of the characters to allow the audience to easily comprehend what is happening.

Once we ensured that we all fully understood the concepts of continuity and the 180-degree rule. We decided to think of different ideas we could fit around the brief. As explained in production log one I came up with ideas such as a speed dating event, and affair situation, a drugs situation and a police interrogation. I initially was quite interested in the drugs situation idea, as it would have given us the opportunity to experiment with dark lighting and creative settings, however after some discussion the group decided that the most sensible and viable idea to choose would be the speed dating event.

Once we had collectively decided on an idea we were told we had to create a presentation that we could show to our peers in order to gain feedback on the ideas we had chosen, after listening to the feedback from our classmates the idea was to rethink the film we were going to shoot to see whether it was the best and or most popular option with the class. In the presentation we included three ideas which where the affair situation, the speed dating event and the police interrogation. After giving our presentation many people stated that the affair situation emulated that of a soap story line, which is something we did not wish to recreate, we desired for an original and unique idea. We then showed our peers our ideas for a police interrogation, which we gained little feedback off, however our teacher expressed his interest in this idea as he suggested that we had the chance to develop an interesting and diverse story line here as well as using a range of camera angles. Finally we presented the speed dating idea, it was then explained to us that the speed-dating event was an original idea, we were told that we had the chance to make it comedic which is exactly the thing we aspired to do.  Considering all these aspects we went for the majority vote, which was the speed-dating event, despite the advice given by our teacher. Furthermore the team had originally expressed their desire to use this idea, even before presenting some choices to the class.

Once we finished presenting to the class, we created in detail our ‘speed dating’ situation. As we stated in the presentation we wanted to create a comedic situation, with an awkward dynamic between two people. From this we created our story line and main characters. Our idea was to have an upper class lady, to attend a speed-dating event as a last resort and last chance to look for love. However in a typical comedic genre way, things don’t go according to plan. In this scene she has to encounter a sleazy man who’s intentions are not appreciated by Jennifer. 

The Film would start in the toilets where the upper class women nervously prepares herself for the evening, where she applies make-up and straighten her clothes. This is to illustrate her desperation to impress, therefore bringing it back to the idea that this is her last chance. We would then see her enter the restaurant and immediately spot a ‘good-looking’ man, however she is unsuspectedly pushed out of the way by a second women, who then goes on to sit with the ‘good-looking’ man, leaving her with the sleazy man. They then have a conversation about a topic that clearly does not impress the upper class women, as the sleazy man tries to ‘make his move’ by touching her leg, she leaves the table unimpressed and disheartened. 

After creating and finishing our storyline we quickly went on to carry out some research into filming and specifically filming date scenes, in order to do this we looked at dates scenes from films and programmes such as sex in the city and the 40 year old virgin. This way we could gain insight into the types of shots we needed to use and the type of dialogue we would need in order to give our film that humorous aspect.                                                                                                                                                                               After deciding the types of characters we wanted in our film we also researched ways in which we could uniquely characterize and represent them, we did this by researching colour connotations, body language of specific types of people and their meanings. This way we could illustrate and create the type of movie we aspired to create.  The colours we decided to choose and the types of characters can all be referred to in my previous production logs.         

We then decided on names for our characters, we came up with Jennifer for the upper class lady as it suggests connotations of wealth and formality, the name Wayne was suggested to the sleazy man this was because it creates an image of uncertainty as it’s not the most simple of names. Finally we decided on to names for the other male and female within the scene, although they don’t have speaking parts and their names are not mentioned, we thought creating a rounded character would help us when creating the overall image for our film. For the ‘good-looking’ man we came up with the name Brett, as it reminded us of a ‘hunky’ American man that is desired by many females. Then for the second female in the scene, we came up with the name Laura, this implied simplicity and non-specialty. 

 Once we had decided on the colours each character would wear, their personality, name, genre of the film and ultimately the film as a whole, we decided that the audience we wanted to attract were women in their mid to late twenties and above. This was because the main female character (Jennifer) is a woman in her late twenties, this way our target audience could relate her character. Furthermore we felt that the genre of the movie was ‘romantic comedy’ which, I understand to be quite popular with women of that age range.

Whilst furthering the production of our film, we were instructed that we had to receive Photoshop training, this was mainly for those who had chosen the print brief, however the group was told that we would have to create a DVD cover for our film and ultimately we would have to use Photoshop to create this cover. We created some images using the advanced tools on Photoshop, of which can be found on Production log 1. 

As we did not need to use Photoshop as in depth as those who had chosen to do the print brief, we decided to use our time wisely and create the story board for our film and decide on a final script for the film. Whilst Kim and Elliot worked on the storyboard, Rosie and myself created two individual scripts, which we later merged together. 

The storyboard had to include drawing of the desired scene to shoot, what type of shot it were to be (or what camera angles we were to use), sound and dialogue. The storyboard became a crucial part of our filming process as it clearly set out the guidelines to what we needed to follow. I believe it was well drawn up by Kim, as when it came to filming there was no question of what we had to do. When creating the script, we knew it defiantly had to include comedy, to do this we decided the easiest way to do this would be to include a ‘Cheesy’ chat up line. Saying this I went on to the Internet and searched for chat-up lines until I found the most suitable one for the script I wanted to follow. When merging the script with Rosie we found that we had very similar dialogue, and very similar chat-up lines therefore making it very easy for us to create the script we wanted for our film, we decided to give Wayne a ‘Cockney’ accent and Jennifer a Formal English accent, this gave us the opportunity to show the vast difference in class, therefore representing the incompatibility between the two.   We then showed the script we had created to Elliot and Kim, who too expressed their happiness with the script. 

After Completing the storyboard and script we had to visit the camera technician to get trained to use the camera, this was an exciting experience as it meant that we were one step closer to filming. The camera technician taught us how to set up a tripod, mount a camera on to a tripod and ultimately how to use the camera, he also taught us how to use the microphone and play with sound. This tutorial meant that we could go on to film with the knowledge we had gained, however before filming the main production we needed to obtain actors, with this we had to set up auditions and film them. 

To broadcast the auditions for the film, we created two audition posters, so that we could attract and acquire a range of people, we then set them up around the college for two weeks prior to the auditions. The posters stated audition times, where it would be held and the type of film we would be creating. The group and I were quite worried about the amount of people that would come to the auditions as the posters were put up at quite short notice. However to our surprise thirteen people showed up to the auditions, which was quite a lot in our eyes. Rosie and myself set up the camera, as we were most confident in using it, whilst Kim and Elliot watched and judged the auditioned. We gave each audtionee a script to read off and paired them up so that we could see if the ‘awkward’ dynamic that we wanted to portray in our film, would work between the two actors. 

Once the auditions were over we watched over the film and immediately agreed on whom we wanted as Jennifer, Wayne and Laura. However we could not find the right person for Brett, so we decided to ask one of our friends who went on to accept the offer. Furthermore for those who did not get a main part, were offered parts as extras. 

After all the parts had been given out we could go ahead and film. However we needed to notify the Brasserie (the setting of or film) and the actors of when we needed to film and see whether both were available on the days we needed. Once all dates ere sorted we began to film. The first scene we filmed was Jennifer in the toilet, in my opinion this was the easiest scene to shoot, as there were no extras involved so it was easier to consider continuity. The second shot we filmed was the close up of Jennifer’s hand on the door entering the brasserie. Amazingly this was the hardest shot to film, despite thinking that it was going to be the easiest. We had to get the hand the right position on the door and had to make sure that the door shut at the right time in order for editing to purposes, to ensure that the door opened and closed at the same time. Furthermore it was quite difficult to obey the continuity rules, as lighting and sound were different to that of the sound and lighting in the toilet, due to the fact that we had to use a different door than that of the toilet.

We then went onto film the scenes within the brasserie; we decided to film the conversation scene before the entrance into the restaurant due to the unavailability of the actors. This way we could carry on with filming without having any delays. Once all but the entrance shot had been filmed we realized we needed to quickly finish filming in order to get everything finished on time. As we originally stated we wanted Jennifer to enter the restaurant and immediately spot a ‘good-looking’ man, Brett, however this was not possible, due to the unreliability of the actors, so we therefore had to remove this scene from the film. We then overcame this problem by shooting Jennifer’s entrance in to the restaurant with a Point of View shot, from the eyes of Wayne. In my opinion we dealt with this situation quite well as we were able to obtain enough footage to create a viable film. The full extent to which we filmed can be found in Production Log 3.

After having completed filming we had to edit, Elliot was in charge of this as he had completed training in the software we required to edit, final cut pro. Whilst Elliot was editing the film with Kim’s help, Rosie and I created the DVD cover for the film giving it a sophisticated look in connection with the type of film we were creating. We then wrote a blurb for the back of the DVD and to gain opinion on the blurb we asked a women of this age whether she would watch this film, on what the blurb had said and her response was yes it seems quite interesting. We also had to think of a name for the film, this proved quite difficult until Rosie mention the title ‘ desperate measures’. We all thought that this was quite fitting for the film as you wouldn’t expect to see this ‘upper-class’ woman at a speed dating event, therefore implying that she is employing desperate measures in order to find love. Full descriptions of this process can be found in production log 4.

Finally after having completed the DVD cover and the editing of the film, we burnt the film on to disc and printed the DVD cover out. We then needed to gain feedback on our film so we could critically analyse it, to do this we created questionnaire which we handed out to 8 people, we then asked them to watch the film and answer the questions. Many of those we asked said they enjoyed the film and that they did understand the humor of it, however they also noticed the continuity error with the different extras, however as explained in Production log 4, we said that we could use this to our advantage as people change seats within a speed dating event.

Critically looking at the film our group made I would say there are good points to it and parts we could improve on. Firstly I think the main idea of the film was a productive one, the idea of an ‘upper-class’ lady with a ‘sleazy-man’ at a speed dating event, we believed that this creates a juxtaposition. I also think that choosing the comedy genre to attach to our film was another good idea, I believe that it sticks to the typical conventions of a comedy, for example not all things go according to plan, there is always one particular line in a scene that makes it comical etc. Our choice of target audience was another good decision, I think its the type of film that would attract those 20/25 +, we wanted to attract a similar audience to that of Sex and the City. Furthermore I think that the DVD cover created also helps to attract this type of audience, such as the elegant pink/red writing, and the Blurb.

Looking at the production I can see what parts of the process and the overall film I would improve if I were to do the task again. To begin with I would create a film that didn’t require as many extras as we needed due to the unreliability or unavailability of actors. When thinking about the actors I would also consider their availability as well as their acting skills. However this has taught me a lesson for the next film we have to create for the main task. The group has decided to create a film that involves fewer extras. 

I would also consider booking equipment earlier and generally speeding up the whole process of the film, as we found ourselves filming and editing very close to the due date of the coursework. For the main task I have learnt that once the group have decided on a main idea we should put up audition posters and book equipment and other such things as soon as possible. 

Furthermore commenting on the actual quality of the film I believe that sound and picture quality could have been improved. Watching the film back the actors voices, mainly Rosy’s sound quite faint, this was probably due to the fact that the Microphone was not held close enough to Rosy therefore resulting in a quiet sound. Also it was mentioned by our classmates that the picture quality was quite fuzzy. For the main task we suggested that we play around with lighting a bit more carefully and use cameras with high quality resolutions.

Ultimately I believe we met the brief with success, furthermore I also think our film was successful as our intentions were achieved, to make our audience laugh, which the film did particularly the cheesy chat up line.                                                    Analysing the film and thinking about what type of institution would be likely to distribute our comedy film, I would say film companies such as Universal studios, Paramount or 2ost century fox, this is because I believe that it create and distributes films with a similar style and genre to ours, such as ’40 Year Old Virgin’ (Universal Studios) which is one of the films we looked at when doing our research and ‘Bride Wars’ (20th century fox). Film Companies such as MGM would not take on our film as I think they deal with a more old and serious style of film.

Although there were quite a few problems along the way I believe that this was vital in teaching us a lesson about how prepared you need to be to make a film, furthermore I think that it will help improve and influence the decisions that we make for our next film.

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