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Before the auditions we had to create slips for the auditionees to fill out , that would tell us when they are available , what position they are auditioning for and how to contact them if we wanted to use them in our film.

Here are the slips we created:


After we had created these we then went on to collect the cameras needed in order to film the auditions. When we arrived we found that the camera technician was not there , and therefore we were unable to collect the cameras. This meant that we could not continue with our auditions at the time we had hoped. Once we had found the camera technician the times we had designated for the audition were over , therefore we could not film the auditions today. We contemplated setting another date for the audition , however this meant re designing the audition posters to change the date, putting them up around, and leaving them up for another two weeks for them to gain enough publicity. After discussing these issues with the team we decided not to rehold the auditions, but to use the camera to film my self and the other female team members auditioning, this way it meant that we would have held at-least some sort of audition process . With Kim being production manager she found a place for us to hold our audition , whilst i set up the camera. I then filmed Kim and Rosie auditioning , whilst Elliott kept an eye on sound, however we realised that camera and sound quality were not as important as we were only filming the auditions. Elliott then took over my role as director whilst i was auditioning with Kim and Rosie .

We found that using members of our own team meant that we would have actors we could rely on , and we could also film outside of college hours.


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Whilst Rosie and Elliot went on to create a questionnaire,in which we would give to our class mates after showing them our presentation. Myself and Kim went on to create audition posters. We knew that we wanted to base the posters around the subject of the film, which was an cyber/online theme. As well as the posters relating to the subject of the film , we also knew using a social networking site , such as facebook would attract the attention of the students in the college as it popular site to use among students .In order to do this we decided to take print screens of the audition information in comment boxes on the popular social networking site Facebook, . Our initial poster didn’t turn out so well because the quality was not so good and the writing was difficult to see.

Here is a picture of our initial poster:

Our original Poster

Our original Poster

As you can see the quality is quite grainy and the writing is impossible to read.

Seeing this we knew we had to overcome this problem somehow , we did this buy print screening a plain comment box , and then added the information in later on Photoshop. With this we could make the writing bigger in order to be seen easily, and we also thought we could further the ‘online/computer’ style by using a typewriter style font.

This is our Final Poster

Audition Poster

Audition Poster



Here is a copy of the questionnaire Elliott and Rosie created created for our peers to answer.

After this we then posted the posters around the college , in the hope of a good response.

We then knew we had to decide on the roles and responsibilities with in the group. We decided upon these roles

Production Manager: Kim

This would mean that Kim is in charge of organising auditions, equipment , shoots, costumes and in charge of the film as a whole.

Editing Director/Cameraman:Elliott

This would mean that i have to make sure that all scenes are shot in the intended way , mis-en-scene is taken into account , actors take specific directions and desired camera angles are adheared to.

Editing and Continuity manager: Rosie

This would mean that Rosie has to edit the final film as well as make sure that no continuity errors are made. For example she must make sure that throughout the scene the girl is wearing a tie, rather than wearing a tie in the first half of the scene and not wearing one in the second half of the scene.

Sound Manager: Christina

This would mean that Elliott is also in charge of Editing as he was in the first film. He is also in charge of making sure that sound is high quality , unlike the first film we created , in which it was quite difficult to hear one of the main characters.

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