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We arranged a meeting the day before filming just to record down everything we needed, where we were going and how to get there just to ensure that we had remembered everything we needed to do.

here are some of the notes we took at the meeting:


Before filming we had to pre-booked a Sony Mini DV camera, microphone and an amount of cables for viewing including a HD lead and AV leads, so that we could obtain the required shots.In order to film this scene we had to go off site in order to achieve the ‘At home’ feel. For this we went to my house to film. We started by shooting the scene in which we were looking through the window , on to the girls,’Ruby’ (kim) and ‘Emily’ (Rosie) , who would be playing on the computer. At first this seemed challenging as we were only able to see the reflection of the camera in the window , rather than the two girls. In addition we had to position the camera in such a way that we would be able to see part of the window payne to imply the idea of being trapped. To overcome this we blocked out the light by placing a cover over the camera and we took time to position the camera correctly, by doing this we were able to film into the house and get a clear shot of the two girls.

Once completing this shot we then had to go inside the house and film the conversation between the two girls , and the conversation over facebook between ‘Ruby’ and ‘Danny’. We began by filming just Rosie ( Emily) in a medium close up shot , whilst she was conversing with kim (Ruby) , and then filming just Kim , and finally we included both of them in a shot , again using a medium close up shot. We used this method of filming so that when it came to editing we could have a range of shots to use to get the best possible outcome for our film. We took several attempts at each of these shots to get the correct timing , conversation and sound , after finishing these set of shots we then went on to film an over the shoulder shot of ‘Ruby’ ad ‘Emily’ at the computer , in which we made them repeat the whole conversation , again to get a range of shots. In addition we also filmed an extreme close up of the facebook conversation between ‘Ruby’ and ‘Danny’ , also for the purposes of editing. As our vision was to have lots of quick cuts to create tension within the scene, although it is only the opening sequence to a film we wanted to give the impression , that its the type of film that could continue with an unfolding plot.

Pictures of the filming Process :



Once having filmed we had a look over the footage , and decided that we were unhappy with what we had filmed , this was because we didn’t feel that it was gripping enough. We decided that with editing we could try and overcome this problem, However the types of shots we were using were not of that typical to the conventions of the thriller type film. Such as the movie we looked at when researching ‘Momentum’ , they had use close ups and pointt of view shots to confuse the audience and create enigma code. Looking at this we decided to re-draw the storyboard and make use of more close up and point of view shots . After reviewing the new storyboard we were much more pleased with the shots , however it did require a lot more outside shots this time , so the weather was a concern when creating the new storyboard. However we decided we could use both sun or rain to our advantage. The sun would create juxtaposition against the sinister tone of the film we are creating , as it would appear that everything is okay. However the rain would go in unison with the theme of the film. Although saying this we also understood that if the rain was too severe we would have to stop filming , and start another day.


Today we began filming in accordance with the new storyboard and script we had created. We also had to sign new location and personal release forms as we used another character within the script, James Clothier, to play the predator. This job , however , was left up to Kim as she is production manager. She also had to create another risk assessment form in order to identify possible risks within filming , such as being near water , as the location we were filming at is by a canal , and such risks as that.

Here are the personal and location realease forms

Location relase form

Location relase form

personal release forms

personal release forms

Call sheet

Call sheet

Here are the new storyboards we created , we thought that these where a big improvement on the previous ones, not only was it a lot longer so at least this time it would last around 2 minutes, but it also included more opportunities to create tension. Furthermore we could experiment more with editing and music.

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 1















At 10.45 Kim went to the library to collect the cameras and then met myself, James , and the rest of the group in the canteen. We then proceeded to the bus station to catch the 524 to Hertford , the location of the film.

Once arriving at location Kim , Rosie and James got changed into character , whilst myself and Elliott set up the camera and tripod , we also decided what scenes we wanted to shoot first and we thought that the most sensible, in which the predator is placing his camera into his bag , and shutting down the computer. We decided the best place to film this was the bedroom as it was dark and would create a sinister atmosphere. Elliott filmed the first shot, this was a POV shot of ‘Danny’ looking at Ruby’s facebook profile , then shutting down the computer. We then went onto film a close-up shot of ‘Danny’ putting the camera in his bag. We filmed this a few times just to make sure everything was done at the right pace, in order to ensure that the shot was quite slow. The reason we wanted this was because it would create a creepy and devious atmosphere. We also wanted to take several shots of the scene to ensure that that the lighting and camera quality was up to a good standard.

After this we decided to go outside and shoot the scene in which ‘Ruby’ and ‘Emily walk across the bridge into the house. We shot this from several point of views. From the point of view of ‘Danny’, ‘Ruby and ‘Emily’ and we also did several over the shoulder shots , which had not been planned on the storyboard , just for the purposes of editing , in order to have more options when wanted to create tension.

There were some problems when trying to film these shots because it was difficult to for Kim and Rosie to know when to go because the distance between them and Elliott and Myself was quite far. To over come this i stayed on the phone to Kim and told her when we had began filming and when she and Rosie should start walking, this was a good idea as it still fitted in with idea of the film, involving another aspect of new technology within it. In addition the weather also proved to be a problem , although we had said a little bit of rain would add to the style of film , it rained quite heavily some points during the day , due to this we had to stop filming and wait until the rain had died down in order to go back out and film again. However apart from these few spots of heavy rain , the weather was quite good as it was not too sunny and quite overcast , therefore no happy connotations could be created.

Finally we filmed the last scene , where ‘Ruby’ is at the computer on facebook , as well as typing the words ‘instant murder’. This scene did not take long as it was a very short scene. Despite this we did have to take a couple of shots to get the spelling and pace of writing ‘ instant murder’ out.

Overall i believe that this filming session was a vast improvement of the previous one. This was because this time round we were more motivated and had a more structured day with a better story board. Furthermore the shots we obtained would allow us to do a lot of interesting things in editing.





Analysing Certain Shots:


This is the establishing shot in the movie. A close up of the camera. We wanted to imply the theme of technology withing the movie as well as suggesting that the camera will play a part within the movie, almost foreshadowing.Directly proceeding this shot is ‘Danny’ picking up the camera in a slow sinister way which also adds to the effect. Furthermore we decided to keep the Ironing board in the background , and have a normal bedroom setting. To imply that he is a normal man , living his everyday life , however this is juxtaposed with the dark secret he is harbouring

















This shot is a medium close up of James (Danny). We did this to establish who’s point of view the audience will be looking through. It also identifies what he is doing , taking pictures , of which we don’t acutally know as of yet. The shot also includes the camera that was featured in the previous scene.Therefore reinforcing that the idea of the camera and being watched will be a continous and re-occuring theme throughout the movie. In addition the setting here plays a key part, before we see the two girls in the next shot , it may appear that ‘Danny’ is simply and innocenly taking pictures of the river and the rest of the scenery, to the audience. However to the characters in the film it seems that he is taking pictures of the scenery making use of dramatic irony.









This is a long shot of the two girls walking home from school. We thought this was a good shot as mis-en-scene added extra connotations to the scene. We though that the sun shining on the two girls in the picturesque would give happy connotations and the impression that everything is ok , however this is then juxtaposed with the rain , which suggests dark meanings. Furthermore the fact the the girls are walking behind bars , can either suggest that they are being kept safe , or that they are trapped, which can be left to interpretation.




getattachment-2aspx In this shot the light is slightly blocked out by the trees , which creates a more dark atmosphere. Also the fact that the trees have no leaves suggests death and also reinforces the dark idea. We also decided to include the caution sign in the shot to imply danger.








We decided to film this over the shoulder shot to show what he is looking at. It also makes him look very big powerful and dommineering , in comparison to the two girls who appear very small and ignorant.







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Although we had decided on our main idea , we still had to present all the ideas we had thought of to the class. Before we presented we added the finishing touches to the presentation that we had been working on for a few weeks , to ensure that we had all the information nesseccery. Seeing as the first online predator video we had researched was no longer avaliable on youtube , we could not put that into our presentation to show to the class . To overcome this we looked for a new video and found an even better , more realistic portrayal of the online predators.

Here are the links to the video we found :

Once we had finished this and added these links into the presentation we were ready to show it to the class.

When presenting to the class we suggested our ideas and gave them a questionnaire to fill in once we had completed our presentation.We found out that they thought the ideas for films such as ‘I.M’ and ‘Mind Games’ where more realistic , however they thought the the idea of ‘When Trolleys go bad’ seemed more entertaining. Although the group had already dismissed the idea before presenting as we knew it would be unachievable. Furthermore no one really mentioned the the ‘Drugs Situation’ so we knew we could totally dismiss that idea. 

The final question asked the group what film we should make and the results were:

When trolleys go bad :5

Drugs situation: 0

Mind Games:1

I.M: 6

Although we had already decided on our idea before presenting , in order to save time, we did find this process helpful as we found the idea we had chosen to use was the most popular , therefore it gave us more confidence in our idea. Furthermore the class suggested possible criticisms for our chosen idea , which gave us the opportunity to make improvements to our idea.

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