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To Complete our A2 media coursework we were given thirteen creative briefs that we could choose from. We were then told that it would be a wise idea to work in a group as each task involved a lot of work with aspects of multi media that would be too much for one person to complete by themselves. In response to this we quickly formed another group, so i chose to work with Kimberley Grant as in AS we worked successfully together in our preliminary and and Main tasks. We then decided that it would be a good idea to add someone to the group who had experience on photoshop, unlike Kim and Myself whom only had experince with Final Cut Pro ( Video editing software). With this in mind we asked Rosy O’donnell if she wanted to join our group and she agreed, as she chose the magazine task in AS. We understood with our experience of photoshop and final cut pro combined would benefit our coursework and that we could create a successful piece of coursework.

we found three ideas which were of interest to us, these were:

  • An advertising package for a new product or service, to include two TV advertisements, together with two of the following three options:

    a radio advertisement;

    a TV programme sponsorship sequence;

    a web pop-up.
  • A promotion package for a new soap opera, to include a TV trailer, together with two of the following three options:

    a listings magazine front cover featuring the new soap;

    two hyperlinked webpages (with video extract) for the soap’s website;

    a poster for the soap.
  • An extract from a new documentary TV programme, lasting approximately five minutes, together with two of the following three options:

    a radio trailer for the documentary;

    a double-page spread from a listings magazine focused on the documentary;

    a newspaper advertisement for the documentary

 These ideas appealed us as they had a lot of potential creative ideas each idea held. They all enabled us to conjure up some creative ideas, however the idea of creating an advertisement, radio advertisement and web pop-up seemed to attract us the most. To add to this Rosy and Kim also studied adverts and the theories behind adverts in their English Language Lessons, so we knew that this could help us greatly with our coursework and more importantly allow us to conduct more in-depth research than we would have done.  We decided to discard the other ideas so we could spend more time researching, planning and creating ideas for our chosen brief, despite gaining our interest.

Knowing that we had our mind set on our brief we decided to come out with more potential ideas for our choice. We thought the best idea was to create a perfume advert, one for a female and one for a male, meaning that we could explore different target audiences and our advert would be aimed at both sexes. We also knew that we wanted to create a web pop and and radio advertisement , rather than a TV sponsorship sequence. An idea we had for the web pop-up was to have a sound of a perfume spritzing, having a picture of the perfume with the words ‘Free Sample” written underneath. With the radio advert we were not entriely sure of what direction we wanted to take it in , however we knew we could discus this further at a later date as we have only just started the coursework 

We also discussed who would do what jobs. We decided that Kim would be production manager as she already gained experience of that in the AS Media coursework tasks and that she would also scout for locations.We then decided that Rosy would be in charge of the creation of the product, and finally i would be in charge of researching into different aspects of the TV adverts. In addition we also said that it would be a good idea for all of us to complete some basic research in the conventions of adverts and our target audience and other such things as that, so we could all have the same level of understanding in what we needed to create

We thought it would be best to discuss the theories that Kim and Rosy had  learnt in english , and topics i had covered in psychology about the effect of adverts and how they are successful, in order to understand how to create an advert that will convince our target to buy our product. Firstly  it was Charles O’neill who said that “adverts feed on weaknesses and vulnerabilities and materialism”, e.g  they make you believe that you will become ugly if you do no purchase their products,  they also display that ‘society always expects the media norm and people who do not conform to this image aren’t ’normal’. This idea also plays on a topic that i had learnt in psychology that ,people will conform to the norms due to the pressure in society, the media and  pressure from friends who have also conformed to ideas that they have picked up from the media. In addition to this point adverts are used to define beauty, this is what makes them powerful, people who view the advert will want to look like the model used therefore they buy the product.

For an advert to work Norman Fairclough said that the “text producer should create relations which their text reciever, through this the institution will come through as one person addressing the audience”   this makes the advert more persuasive .  In addition he said  that “aproducer should understand the cultural and cognative knowledge the audience already have about that product”


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