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Whilst Kim , got on with sorting out the pre-production and solving  problems we had with the Bisous Advert. Myself , Elliott and Amber got on with the Editing. We uploaded all the footage we had filmed and looked through all the shots we had taken and dis-guarded all the un-useable footage , to make it easier when editing. Using Final cut pro when editing, we tried our hardest to the story boards that Kim created. We started by piecing together the shots we had taken at Westminster station, then when they meet at horse guards avenue, chase each other around Buckingham palace and finally meet on the Bridge.

At points we had a hard time trying to make everything flow together and look natural ,and at times they looked jumpy and rough , so to overcome these problems we used fades ( cross fade and dither fade), despite not wanting  to,  to make it look more realistic.We also had a problem with shots being too wide and having unwanted people within the shots , so in order to overcome this problem we had to crop the shots , in a way that we did not stretch the pixels too much , but luckily Elliott managed to do this with success
We tried to use and include a variety of different shots that we had filmed, such as over the shoulder, long shots , medium close ups and establishing shots. Just to demonstrate that know how to experiment and use different angles to create the best possible piece of work. We also tried to use a split screen in the advert, of Ben walking up the stairs , whilst Lauren is walking down the stair of Buckingham palace. With some time we managed to create it , however when we played the advert through we felt that it looked a bit messy and out of place, so we removed it.

In addition we decided to change the saturation of the colour to make it black and white , this made it seem ore sophisticated and less messy as colour seemed to lack professionality.

  • Image one: This shows shows the shot of Ben Looking up at lauren at buckingham palace , we knew we wanted to incorporate this shot because in terms of the narrative, it shows that they are close to each other but still not close enough to be together, therefore he is still ‘Lost’ looking for her and she is still waiting to be ‘found’ by him.
  • Image two: This shows Looking behind her directly into the camera, demonstrating how she is looking directly at the man, whilst Ben is peering around a tree to find her. We defiantly wanted these to shots in the advert as they were of good quality , however we found it difficult to find a suitable place for it within the advert, so to over come this Elliott changed the opacity of these two shots , and placed them over a the scene where they walk up to the bridge within the main advert, and we were told that it was known as a rack focus. Furthermore one of our class mates said that he could imagine this type of edit in a real perfume advert , which provided us with some positive feed back
  • We also suggested taking these two images and using them for the web pop up.
  • Image three: This is the establishing shot within the advert showing Westminster station. We wanted to include this to allow the audience to identify that we are in London, making them think that it is a sophisticated perfume.
  • Image Four: This shows where Lauren and Ben bump into each other. This was vital to include as it sets up the entire narrative of the advert( he bumps into her , is immediately attracted to her and they chase each other around London)

Once most of the editing had been done, we needed to add the music. Our first choice was Hometown Glory by Adele , however we thought this song would not go with the pace of the advert, and considered several other choices. However when playing the video with the song it actually worked quied well so we decided to stick to our first choice of song.  To add the song onto the clip Elliott converted a youtube clip into MP3 and added it to final cut pro, he then cut out several parts of the song to get the song to flow with the advert.

Furthermore we also required the perfume bottles so that we could take pictures of them  and incorperate them into the advert, so to do this Elliott and Amber went out and bought some perfume bottles from poundland and they also bought some food colouring , so that we could change the colour of our perfume to suit the lables we had created. Once we had dyed the perfume bottles ,Elliott then printed out the labels and stuck them to the bottles.

I then needed to take photos of the perfume bottle, however i did not have an SLR camera to take the photos with. However , luckily our friend James Clothier had his camera on him and offered to take the photos for us , as he is a photography student. So before shooting Elliott made a make shift studio for him by sticking white paper to the wall and floor, i then told James how i would like the photos to be taken.                                                                                        We then uploaded the photos onto the computer and then Elliott added them to the footage.

Here are some of the Photos that James has taken

Once Elliott incorperated the photos into the advert , we had to record  the voice over for the perfume which says ‘lost,found. The new fragrance by patelli’ . To do this elliott and Amber recorded themselves using the microphone off the camera , Which elliott then edited using a sound editing software on the computer.  With this he made His own voice a bit deeper and then ambers slightly higher. We then added it on to the video and rendered the video.

When watching the video as a whole i think it was a very good attempt , despite the unsteady shots and other factors that i have mentioned previously. In addition i do not really like the voice over , it sounds quite strange because Amber’s voice has an unusual echo to it, however it was all we could create with the means we had. Also hearing feed back from friends , they have noticed the same things that let us down , ie the Wonky Shots and the echo in Amber’s voice, however they did say the concept was good , as were the shots we have used in the advert. They also said that the music was very fitting for the tone of the advert.


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