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Today Elliott had another exam , however i did not continue with the editing as we knew that was Elliott’s job and he wanted some input. So bearing this in mind , Myself and Kim began to start the pre production for the radio advert and the webpop up  , this was beacuse Amber was ill therefore unable to take part in the lesson.

Firstly we researched how to create a perfect radio advert using these websites :





We came up with some ideas based on this information , which is as follows

  • Entice our audience with a question and persuasive language
  • The advert should either be 15,30 or 60 seconds long
  • The voice on the advert should be warm and friendly
  • The contact information must be repeated twice
  • Must Have an audience for our radio advert ( we decided to aim it at our target audience for our perfume which is 21-25, either females , or couples)
  • We must have a time that we want the advert to be aired ( we decided 8-10 am and 5-7pm , this was because it targets the rush hour periods, and when our target audience are on their way to work)
  • We then had to decide a Location for our radio , which we decided would be Essex and Herts as if we aimed at an audience in London , the trip might not be as exciting as they live in the city.

Then we looked at music that we could have on the advert, we knew that we wanted to sound of the city the emulate the London Atmosphere so we found some free sound effects off of http://www.shockwave-sound.com. This would be played on top of the instrumental version of Adele- Hometown Glory , which is on our Lost and Found advert to keep the continuity

We then w started to create a draft script , on Amber request , which is as following:

[noise of the city- horns/ hustle bustle
voice and music simultaneously]
would you like to win a weekend stay in London for you and one of your friends, with £1000 spending money?
Well you can, with Lost and Found the new fragrances by Patteli, all you need to do is answer this question: ‘Which famous London monument has just celebrated its tenth birthday?
a. The London Eye
b. Big Ben
c. Canary Wharf [repeat all answers]
If you think you know the answer call this number 0208 554 877, thats 0208 554 877, calls will be charged at standard network rate, calls from mobiles vary, please ask bill payers permission before calling,standard terms and conditions apply

For more information visit our website http://www.cakeradio.com  all entrances must be made by midnight 17th march 2010                                           Good Luck !

We will then show our ideas to Amber so she can give her approval and final say , and state whether she wants any changes to be made.

We then started to create a few mock- up ideas of the web pop-up stating what we wanted to include in it such as

  • What websites it will pop-up on eg, Clothing sites , Social Networking sites
  • Sound-A perfume spritz
  • What photos we will use-Lauren Flicking her hair- be posing behind the tree
  • What the pop-up will be advertising-offering a free sample

We also discussed what the advert should d look like, we decided to have the name of the perfume at the top of the pop-up  with a medium close up shot f the actor , that we will take from our Lost and Found advert. The pop up will then have a  hyper link saying ‘free sample’ and a picture of the bottle at the bottom of the screen. We will then pass this these ideas onto Elliott so that he can give his approval.


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This week we began to edit our second advert. My self and amber and Kim decided to begin editing as Elliott was in an exam. We followed a similar process as we did with Lost and found. We uploaded are footage, looking through all of the clips , we re-named the clips that we wanted to use to make it easier to find and then discarded all the ones that were not usable.

After this Kim continued sorting out the pre-production for the radio advert, while Amber and I began to Edit the footage we had chosen

As Elliott was in an exam , and myself and Amber we not very experienced with Final cut pro, we decided to create an initial outline of what we wanted to include in our advert  , according to our storyboard, we then added some fades to make the advert flow. Then we included the music that we had previously found ( Florence and the machine-bird song) on top of the advert. What we had created marked the beginning of what we wanted the advert to be, but we thought we would leave the rest for Elliott to edit so that he could give his final decision on what he wanted to include and also to create a more flowing advert as he has had more experience with Final cut pro.


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