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Gaining Feedback

The group thought it would be a good idea to gain feedback on our productions , therefore myself and Kim created surveys on the website http://www.surveymonkey.com

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GXZ879C  <—-For bisous 

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GND5M5C <—-For Lost and Found

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GGWVDJT <—– For the Radio Advert


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For the recording of the radio advert, unfortunately i was not here. However i was informed of what they had done , so that i could be up-to-date with all the work. Kim told me that they retrieved a camera and boom mic of of Brendan and they began to record the video. Taking it in turns to read out the script. Elliott then uploaded it onto final cut pro and experimented with the recording, incorperating everyone’s voice onto it. Amber then began to help with the editing  and i also helped following Amber’s instruction considering that she is in charge of the radio advert. We found examples of radio adverts on you tube , and copied some of the sounds we found on there.  We then added the recordings the group had recorded, however there were only a few clips that we suitable for use as some clips had low sound and others included verbal mistakes.However putting everything into the advert it sounded childish , and something that people would not take seriously


During the half term Amber and Elliott Came into college to continue with the editing of the Radio Advert, starting from scratch as the edits we created previously we not sufficiant enough to produce for our final piece of coursework  I wanted to join however i was unable to as i had to work. Coming back to college Elliott requested, Myself and Kim’s feedback. Listening to it i liked the advert as a whole. It begins with  hip-hop style music then transitions into Jazz music it has Kim introducing Cake Radio and then Elliott reads out the competition details, at that same time the sound of telephone rings play in the background. It then ends with Several different styles in which ‘cake radio’ is said.

Kim and i said that we did not understand the concept of the telephone rings in the background as it sounded out of place, therefore we decided with Amber and Elliotts approval also to remove it from the radio advert. That was the only criticism we had for the advert.

I really liked the Hip-hop and Jazz style music , as it gives the advert a quirky and uplifting vibe. The jazz music is also in keeping with the London theme , making it sound sophisticated. I also liked the fact that there is continuity from the Main Lost and Found Advert, as the Radio advert includes Amber Voice over from the main advert that says ‘ The new Fragrance by Pattelli’. Over all i think the music and the entire advert are suited to our demographics of our audience.

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