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At the end our AS year we were given thirteen briefs in which to choose from in order to complete our A2 coursework. The briefs we were given allowed us to explore, experiment with and create a range of media products.

We were then told that it would be a wise idea to work in a group as each task involved a lot of work with aspects of multi media that would be too much for one person to complete by them. In response to this we quickly formed a group, my self and Kim thought it would be a good idea to work together again, as we successfully created a media product in our preliminary and Main tasks in the AS year. Amber and Elliott had also formed a partnership, and together we decided it would be a good idea to form a group of 4, as we each had different levels of knowledge and experience with the software we would need to use in order to complete our coursework.

We looked over the thirteen briefs and decided that we were to create an advertising package for a new product which entailed creating two TV adverts, together with a radio advertisement and a web-pop up. We also had the choice to create a TV programme sponsorship sequence but we felt that this would involve too much feeling and put on extra pressure to meet the deadline.                                                                     To productively progress with our coursework, we had to assign each member of the group with a job role. We initially assigned everyone with a research role; myself and Kim were to research into TV adverts, Amber was to research into radio adverts and Elliott into Web pop-ups. We then discussed roles within production; Kim was a thriving producer within AS production so we all thought that it was best if she were to take on the role of producer again, Amber was assigned as camerawomen as she was a film studies student in the AS year, Elliott was given the role of editor as he has plethora of experience with Final cut Pro and other IT software’s, and I was given role as Director as I had taken on this role in the AS year also.

After assigning Job roles we discussed what product we were going to advertise and what brand name we were going to give it. We listed down what we wanted to advertise and came up with three main ideas: Perfume, clothes and food. When thinking about adverts we could create for each of these products, perfume seemed to be the one product that allowed us to explore a variety of contextual ideas. Once the group had agreed upon this we decided upon a brand name for the perfume. We came up with ‘Patelli’ which is a play on my Last name, it made the perfume sound sophisticated , and sounded similar to other brands on the market.

Subsequent to this we then went on to complete our research for the coursework. Firstly we looked into theories within Media , in particular the Hypodermic Needle model and how there are three ways in which advertising messages can be consumed , these are: the preferred , oppositional and negotiated .reading/                                                                 We then looked at the theories of Charles O’Neil and Norman Fairclough, who said that adverts feed on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of materialism and discusses how a synthetic person makes adverts more persuasive and personal to the consumers. We finally look at the psychological theory of conformity; the need to comply to the norms and values placed within the media. Understanding this we knew that we had to create an advert that appeal to our target audience, once we had decided on what group to target.

With this the group began to generate some creative ideas. In the end we came up with a total of 6 ideas. These ranged from a male and female chasing each other around London, to a woman running through the fields on a summer day. We then complied these ideas together and put them on a power point in order to present them to the class. This was to enable us to gain feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of our potential ideas, and allow us to eliminate the ones with the poorest response. From the feedback from our class we narrowed it down to three ideas, these were :

1)A man and woman are on a bed and appear to be engaging in a play fight, the woman then reaches out for a perfume bottle, this is either on the bed or in a draw she then sprays it on her chest which he smells in a sexual manner.

2)A man and woman appear to be searching in London, this is shown through a series of parallel editing, they then find each other on a bridge and there is instant chemistry. This idea could potentially be filmed in black and white.

3)In a light airy room with the window open and a netted curtain blowing in the breeze a woman sits at a mirror applying her make up and perfume, a man emerges from behind her and kisses her on the cheek . The name of this perfume would be Bisous as in French it means a kiss and it goes with the feminine feel to the advert.

Myself and Amber and the rest of the class were not too keen on idea number 1, as we thought it was too risqué and unachievable. With the help of the class we named the perfumes; we named idea 2 ‘Lost and Found’ and idea 3 ‘Bisous’. These ideas seemed achievable as we believed that it would enable us to create sophisticated and elegant adverts through the use of editing and sound.

Following this we began to take on our individual research roles. Kim and I began to look into perfume adverts to aid us in brainstorming potential ideas and to also help us understand the different conventions perfume brands use in order to target their specified audience, such as lighting and mis-en-scene. We also looked at how men and women were portrayed in the advert and it was apparent that adverts with sexual connotations are more successful in broadcasting their message , we look at a total of 6 adverts in the end. In Conjunction with this Elliott and Amber also researched into their specified areas. Amber looked at how to make a good radio advert, such as the different ways in which you can advertise for example through the use of a story, or through a competition etc.

After deciding our two final ideas for the perfume advert we then went on to conduct some more structured research, to help us conduct the production of the perfume advert more efficiently fitting in with the conventions. I look at how to photograph glass, as we would need to take a photo of the perfume bottle to impose on the final video. Kim looked into different fragrance scents to help us understand how to convey the message across to our target audience. Also Influenced by what we had seen on http://www.boots.com we together wrote a description  for each type of person who would buy the perfume. We decided that the male who would purchase ‘Lost’ is confident,and powerful and  the female who would buy ‘Found’ is beautiful and a romantic. The female who wears ‘Bisous’ is feminine, girly and cute. Elliott researched into sex in advertising to see how they used male and female roles to reach their target audience, he also looked at the pricing of perfume and the different markets each of these prices were aimed at in order to help us choose our target audience.  Amber then researched into fashion to see what outfits models wear in the different styles of adverts.

Elliott look into web pop-ups, the different styles that can be used such as hovering pop-up and ones that stay in the corner. He looked at font, colours and size and the different way in which the pop up can be created.

After collating all our evidence it was time to choose a target audience. After analysing current adverts in the media and looking at the pricing, and comparing it to the ideas we had chosen, we thought that 21-25 year old male and females, who were young professionals was a good target audience to choose. Simply because idea 1 involved London which gives a sophisticated feel and idea 2 involved a young couple getting ready for work. We felt that this age group would be able to relate to the messages we are trying to convey.

We now had to begin our pre-production for both our adverts . We had to decide on location, filming permission, actors, music,  narrative, storyboard and filling our forms such as a talent release form etc. Firstly I created the narrative setting up the basic story help Kim draw the storyboards. Whilst Kim began to create to create the storyboards and camera shots , whilst I began to look at what possible music we could have to the advert and came to the conclusion of Hometown Glory by Adele for our ‘lost and found’ advert and Bird Song Intro by Florance and the Machine  for ‘bisous’. We were told in the brief that we had to gain permission to use copyrighted. The version of Hometown Glory we were using was an imitation so we did not have to gain permission to use that , however  Kim had to email the company responsible for Florance and the Machine, as we could not find an imitation of that song,  however we received no response so we thought we would continue to use that song unless told otherwise. 

During this time Amber and Elliott researched into the locations in London where we would be filming  ‘lost and found’, such as Buckingham palace and Westminiter, and organised a trip so that we could take pictures and visit the exact places they had been looking at, we also saw this as an opportunity to explore the ideas that had been put on the storyboard , furthermore this would give us a chance to make any changes to the storyboard , if need be , however this was not necessary. We then had to decide on a location for our ‘bisous’ advert , however this was much easier as we thought my house would be a good place because it reflected the scenary and decor we had included in our storyboard.

After scouting out our location we needed to find actors. Elliott created posters which we then put up around the college, however there was very little turn out, so Kim decided to seek out potential people around the college , in which only one person said they could definatly take part. So we turned to our friends to see if they could help us, we then recruited Ben slater and Filiz hassan for Lost and Found, however Filiz could not shoot on the day we had planned so Lauren owers stepped in as a result. We then chose Samantha Swingle and Lewis Coventry ( the person Kim approached in the canteen) to be in ‘Bisous’

Once we had found our actors. We then began to focus on sorting out the filming process for our ‘lost and found’ advert and left ‘bisous’ to one side for the mean time. Firstly we had to organise a date that everyone was available to Film , we decided that a Thursday would be the best day as that is the day of our media lessons, which means the group would all be together. We also took into account that Lauren Owers has thursdays off College , and Ben Slater is in our Media class so he would be allowed to take time out of class to help. We then had to look into the conditions of filming in London , Kim researched into this and found that we would need to gain permission and a permit in order to film in london. In order to overcome this we emailed the appropriate people , however we did not get any response so we decided to go ahead and film on the dates we had decided , and deal with the situation at the time if any problems were to arise, fortuneatly there were so problems. As producer Kim filled out a risk assesment form and then got the actors to sign a talent release form to give their consent to the video being shown .

In then came to the day of filming , and we met our actors in london. Ben came dressed in the suit we had asked him to come in , and Lauren had to get changed in London as we required her to wear a black dress. We wanted to complete filming as soon as possible because of this as it was an extremely cold day. However once filming begun we encountered our first problem. The tripod we had taken with us was missing the platform that attaches it to the camera, this meant that Amber had to film using steadicam, which again was difficult due to the cold weather. At one point we did consider going home and filming another day , however we realised that we wouldn’t have enough time to come up to London again and also everyone had made an effort to come so we thought that we would continue with our idea of using steadicam.                                                                                                  Whilst in London , it was Kim’s job to take care of the actors , Amber and Elliott’s job to Film and my job to ensure that the storyboard was stuck to and to make sure the actors where in the correct position . We travelled to all the Locations we had previously had visited sticking very closely to the storyboard. Such as the two seeing each other  at Buckingham Palace and eventually meeting on the bridge, we filmed these several times to certify that we had a good enough shot to use. We also thought it would be a good idea to film additional shots that were not on the storyboard to add some variation and also use it as a back-up just incase we were not able to use, or did not like  some of the initial footage. 

Despite the issue of the camera and the tripod and the whether , filming went suprisingly well. We were able to get all the shots we needed , the actors did extremely well in following our instructions, the public did not pose too much of a problem ( we were afraid that people may walk into our shot , or look directly at the camera) and there were no issues with us filming in London.

After obtaining the footage we uploaded it onto the computer , and Elliott began to take on his official role as Editor. However we all helped in this process by giving our opinions as to what version of each shot we should use, whether it should flow exactly according to the storyboard or whether to include some of the additional shots we had taken. We also already knew that we wanted the advert to be in black and white and wanted to use Adele’s Hometown glory as the sound track. Once we had laid down all the basics Kim and Amber went on to continue with the pre production for the second advert ‘Bisous’ .Whilst i continued to help Elliott with the Editing by organising a shoot for the perfume bottles , which our friend James Clothier help us out with. This would then allow Elliott to add these photos to the end of our Advert. Myself , Elliott and Amber then recorded the voice over for the advert, that would play whilst the images of the perfume bottles where on screen. In the end it was decided that Amber’s and Elliott’s voices suited the advert more. 

Once Kim and Amber had sorted out the rest of the Pre-Production for ‘Bisous’ such as  buying  the bottle we were going to use in our advert, and risk assessment and talent release forms  we were ready to film. The only day we were able to film was a saturday as that was when my house and the actors were free which meant that only myself and Kim could make it to filming as Amber and Elliott had to work. Everyone agreed that it would still be ok to film, as we already had experience of how to set up a camera and film. We also knew that it would be ok for just us two to film as long as we took into consideration how amber wanted the production to be shot. Before filming Kim set up the camera and went over the storyboards to see what shots we needed to film and I set up the scenary , placing out all the props needed for each scene. This was a lot easier to film as we had the platform to attach the camera to the tripod , we also only had to stick to the one room for filming.

In our next lesson we uploaded to footage for Elliott to edit , however at this time Elliott was in an exam, so myself and Amber began to put together some footage in accordance with the storyboard, adding in some fades and putting in the music to see if it fitted the way in which we hoped it would. Whilst Kim recorded the voice over of the advert , of which she did in french to continue the french name of the perfume . We then showed this to Elliott once his exam was complete and he said he liked what we had put together , however he did make some changes such as adding in an extra shot and slowing down the pace of the advert to fit exactly in time with the music. He also added the caption screen we needed and included kim’s voice over.

Whilst Elliott continued to edit Myself , Kim and Amber started with the pre-production of the radio advert . Firstly we looked at the research Amber had conducted into radio adverts, anaylsng how we would target or desired demographics by using typical radio advert conventions, we discussed when the advert would be aired ( it would have to be a time where are target audience would have the oppourtunity to listen to the radio, such as morning and evening when they are travelling to and from work ) . We knew we wanted to advertise a competition , and we thought the best idea would be to create an advert ongoing from our ‘lost and found’ tv advert as London seemed like a good theme to choose . This would allow us to create the best script with the best prize, similar to some of the competition adverts we had heard on radio stations such a kiss 100. We thought we would aim the advert at couples ( both the lost and the found audience)  by offering them a weekend stay in a London hotel with  £1000 spending money, all they would have to do to win the prize would be to answer a question about London. Following this i wrote up a script which i then gave to Amber to see if she agreed with what i had included. 

The next step was to record to the advert. Unfortunatley i was not able to attend the lesson in which they did film so my voice was not on the recording. But the other 3 members of the group set up a boom mic and camera and all took their turns in saying a set of lines. They all took turns at introducing the radio station, describing the competition and reading out the radio station’s slogan.

The next week , myself and Amber began to edit We found examples of radio adverts on you tube , and copied some of the sounds we found on there.  We then added the recordings the group had recorded, however there were only a few clips that we suitable for use as some clips had low sound and others included verbal mistakes.However putting everything into the advert it sounded childish , and something that people would not take seriously. So During the half term Amber and Elliott Came into college to continue with the editing of the Radio Advert, starting from scratch as the edits we created previously we not sufficiant enough to produce for our final piece of coursework  I wanted to join however i was unable to as i had to work.Elliott added a jingle to make the radio station seem more realistic.Firstly  included the recording of himself introducing the radio station, and Kim introducing the presenters. Next he added some Jazz music to make it sound more sophisticated for the introduction of the competition, he then included the competition and included the voice over of the ‘lost and found’ advert to  adhere to continuity.Over all I really liked the Hip-hop and Jazz style music , as it gives the advert a quirky and uplifting vibe and  i also think the music and the entire advert are suited to our demographics of our audience.

We then came to fulfill the last part of our chosen brief; creating the web pop-up. From creation of the radio advert we thought it would be a good idea to still continue with our ‘lost and found’ theme , but instead of winning a competition if would give our target audience to win a free sample of the perfume.We discussed were the pop-up would be seen and thought of places such as social networking sites as our target audience would be likely to use them. Kim then drew up some designs for the web-pop up looking at what photo we would use , colour , text/font and the arrangment of the pop-up.

From editing our TV advert we had already chosen what image we wanted to use and that was lauren flicking her hair. So that gave us a good basis in which to start. I print screen the desired image and then passed it on to Elliott in order for him to edit. we wanted to use a black and white image with the use of purple. So Elliott decided to include a picture of london in the background to keep with the london style but give  it a purple tone and a very low opacity, this allowed for continuity from the Lost/Found advert . On the top of this he placed the image of lauren. He then included text using 3 types of font that had been found by Amber using http://www.dafont.com. We then included images of the perfume bottles, and a ‘Click Here’ message with a cursor next to it , to make it look like a more realistic web-pop up .

We had finally finished all our products, however we had to gain feedback on these to ensure that our peers could see what target audience we were aiming at , what message we were trying to convey, how well they thought we constructed our products and what they thought of our products overall. So to do this Kim , with the help of myself created some surveys on survey monkey that all our peers could fill out and a some questionnaires that we could print and hand out to our media class. we asked them about the following points:

  • what they thought of choice of actors 
  • Choice of Location
  • Narrative
  • Camera Angles 
  • sound 
  • Editing 
  • Whether all these different elements came together and fitted well

Lost and Found 

 Most people had said our camera work was not up to a good standard , however we agreed on that , and had taken this into account when talking about our work, however they did all like the camera angles ,lighting and editing, especially the fact that we had chosen to put it into black and white. Most people said that they thought the soundtrack was very fitting with the mis-en-scene and the narrative of our advert, however not many people liked the voice over , which i agree with as it takes away some of the seriousness of the advert and adds a comical tone. On the whole people said they liked our advert as an overall package; the concept , the narrative, aiming to both a male and female audience and some even said that they could imagine this to be a real perfume advert. 


With this advert , people noticed the improvement in our camera work , however said that we could have used more varying camera angles ( during filming we did try this however it was very difficult due to the confined spaces of the room). Again most people enjoyed the whole concept of it and said it was very feminine which is the type of atmosphere we wanted to create.

Radio Advert 

We did create a questionnaire for the radio advert , however we had some trouble uploading it on to the internet so not many people got to hear it , however we did manage to show it to a handful of people and they said it sounded realistic in terms of offering a competition , having a radio slogan as well as a jingle.

Web pop-up

This received the least feedback , as we had the least amount of time to show it . Similarly to the radio advert people said it looked like a realistic pop-up and they liked the colour scheme we had chosen, the london background , and said the image of lauren flicking her hair made it stand out.

Overall i feel that this task has been the most successful task yet. There is a big difference between the work we created last year in comparison to the work we created last year, this year our work looks more thought out and more refined . Although there was inevitably a few flaws in our work , some of which we could not help, the work is of a higher standard.  We have all worked well together as a group to thoroughly think out our ideas and work out a sensible process to help us succeed in making our final products. I think each member of the group took on their roles extremely well which helped heed the overall process, i feel that each member conducted good extensive research to help us understand the product we wanted to sell and how we were going to go about reaching our target audience. For lost and found i like we were able to overlay footage on top of each other and makes it look more professional and like a real perfume advert, however i’m not particularly fond of the caption screen and the voice overs, and of course the unsteady camera work , if i were to film it again that is what i would change. With Bisous , i like how we were able to use such a small space and only a few props to create that feminine feel it has , and i also think that the music helps out greatly with this. Again , if i were to change anything on this advert it would be the caption screen , i think it looks to spacious and unfinished. I feel that having a competition style radio advert was the best decision , i particularly like  the jingle and the jazz music, however i find that section at the end where each of our names are read out it different tones slightly strange but i can imagine hearing it on certain radio stations. If i were to recreate this it would be that i would have been able to be there and take part in the recording of the advert. Finally i feel that our web pop-up resembles the product its meant to be the most , its simple but grabs your attention, the use of the cursor also ties in with the internet. Looking at all 4 products i like how we were able to converge 3 of them together by using the ‘London’ theme, i also like how ‘Bisous’ is different from the rest because it shows variety and demonstrates that we can think of different concepts for different media products .


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Today we started putting in to motion the ideas Kim and i had come with for the web popup. We had initially said that we either wanted to use the image of lauren flicking her hair , or the one of ben looking around the tree.                                                                      Elliott suggested that the best idea would to be to create a mock-up of the web pop up on photoshop. So in response to this i went on to final cut pro and took some print screens of the images we wanted for the pop-up. Elliott then uploaded the images onto photoshop and began to experiment with different aspects , such as colours , positioning , text and font. 

At the same time Kim began on creating surveys on survey monkey which would enable our peers to analyse our work, whilst i sat between both of them helping Kim decide on what questions to right, and giving my opinion on what colours and fonts i liked for the webpop up. Both myself and Kim said that we liked the colour scheme of a black and white image with the use of purple.  

11th March

Today Elliott again worked on the pop up whilst Myself and Kim began to work on a further questionnaire so that we could hold a focus group.

Elliott again began experimenting with different ideas to progress further with the web pop-up. We already knew that we wanted a black and white image with the use of purple. So Elliott decided to include a picture of london in the background but give  it a purple tone and a very low opacity, this allowed for continuity from the Lost/Found advert . On the top of this he placed the image of lauren. He then included text using 3 types of font that had been found by Amber using http://www.dafont.com. We then included images of the perfume bottles, and a ‘Click Here’ message with a cursor next to it , to make it look like a more realistic web-pop up .

Here is the final Result

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