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We will be looking at representation of: Age,Sexuality,Ethnicity,Class and status,Physical Appearence,Regional Identity and Disability in 3 different clips of british dramas.

Skins-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge8hXEfuqp0&feature=related


We first recognise the age of the two characters through mis-en-scene. It is clear to identify that they are teenagers, we can see that they dress in quite young and up to date fashion, with bright colours such as yellow, green and red, this demonstrates their free spirited, vibrant , and youthful outlook on life. The scene begins with Chris and Jal entering the house , chris confesses that it is not is house , which suggests the idea that he is too young to own a house of his own. Within the room we can see many items which can give us insight in to their mental age , rather than physical age. This is demonstrated by the rainbow rug , and the miniature play house, that illustrates their inner child. The first bit of speech the two share , Jal replies by holding up a piece of paper saying ‘Yes’ which shows her immature approach to the situation. This theme is then reinforced by Chris’s storyboard of emotions. He then  shows Jal pictures that he has drawn illustrating his life. This goes from a ‘happy family’ situation to a ‘lonely and isolated’ situation. The first few ‘happy’ drawings are in vibrant colours, which demonstrates his contented emotions. As the drawings progress to the sadder situations we can see that their is no longer the use of colour and the drawings are in black. The use of the story board shows that he has not got the intellectual ability to convey his emotions through simple communication such as talking, which is what those of an older age would most likley do. 

Dialouge is the main use of sound in regards to their age. Once chris has expressed his emotions through the use of the drawings, Jal takes on the situation with a more mature approach, and talks bluntly, she also appears more clued up on life and states ‘ you think you are the only one with problems’. This demonstrates how she understands that his problems , and both her problems are not the only problems in the world. In addition her range of emotional expression such as crying , talking and ripping up the paper. This again shows her maturity as she can express her emotions in more diverse ways. Once chris hears this , he again takes on another immature response saying things to lighten up the situation such as ‘ Kick grannies in the tits’. He knows this will make her laugh, and help her to forgive him , which she does almost instantaneously. This demonstrates how naive they both are, and how they don’t totally understand the seriousness and gravity of love. In the final moments on the scene we also hear the non-diagetic sound of ‘lala’, this is quite repetitive and shows how one problem leads on to another.


The shot involves a male and a female. Through their costumes, their sexes are stereotypically represented  Jal , like a typical girly girl is wearing a dress with a bow, and Chris is wearing a suit. However during the scene , the mental roles are reversed. He is the one who opens up his emotions first , whereas typically it is known for the women to open up and want to discuss her emotions. In addition, Jal shows more masculine characteristics  in the beginning of the scene, in which she comes across blunt , however this is juxtaposed with her tears, of which is a typical female characteristic, to cry. Again chris begins to open up his emotions even more, he does this by getting down on one knee in an almost proposing situation, however this also demonstrates how he is bringing himself down to her level and her level of vulnerability. In addition it shows how caring it is , which again does not fit into the conventions of a stereotypical man, they are usual seen as hard-faced and emotionless. We can also see a wide shot in which we see Jal sitting and Chris standing. This uses the typical conventions to show power, the man is standing therefore he is more physically powerful whereas Jal is sitting showing that she is weaker. However analyzing the dialogue it is apparant that chris is in fact the weaker one , whereas Jal appears to be the more stronger one within the situation, although they are both vulnerable. 


This scene does not really focus on the racial aspect , it concentrates more on the relationship and the situation.However it does highlight the aspect of interacial relationships and this ethnic divide is shown through a close up of Chris and Jal looking as they are about to kiss.   Usually in a drama or film it is the person of the ethnic background that is known to make the mistakes, whereas this time its Chris, a white male that has made the mistakes. In addition its stating that this type of interracial relationship is socially acceptable , as the camera regularly shows them on the same level. There is also the aspect of the sound bridge with the ethnic music , when this plays it focuses on Jal , to signify how the next scene or situation is going to focus on her.

Class and Status 

We immediately hear that both characters use standard english, however given the scene , we are not given insight into their social economic backgrounds. Although we are aware that the house is not actually is it looks as though it would belong to someone from a working or middle class background , which implies that he is acquainted  with people of this sort of social class. Furthermore through the drawings chris has made , show that he was part of a typical nuclear family, which was his ideal situation, however towards the end of the drawings we can see that he is now apart of a lone parent family , and therefore his social status is not as high anymore.

Physical Appearance


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Skins trailer 

The skins trailer shows a group of sixth form students in the middle of a wild party. This represents teenagers as rebellious beings with loose morals , as the trailer discusses issues such as sex , drug taking and underage drinking. The trailer makes use of Non-digetic music, the music plays in with the wild party theme. The trailer follows a trend of Long shots to highlight the overall action going on within the party , and then to close-ups to show what each individual or group of friends are getting up to. A close-up shot shows  the character Sid has the word ‘virgin’ written on his head which demonstrates the pressure teenagers are under to have sex , and partake in the general typical teenage pressures such as drug taking and drinking just to fit in with the crowd and impress friends. However it also shows the power of teenage friendship, in another shots two characters ‘Tony’ and ‘Chris’ , embrace in a friendly hug. This illustrates a high teenage priority of which is friendship. We also see a couple having an argument , whilst a vase is broken in the process. Not only does it highlight , another pressure of teenage realtionships , but the breaking of the vase also highlights the maddness of the party.


The oc Clip

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Media Language

Media Language

Images of the key settings and the main characters

  1. What is the title of the film? foundation degree in animation
  2. What can you say about the way in which the title graphics have been created? Simple, and created connotations of technology
  3. Who is starring in the film? Ben, Bianca and Tony
  4. Where are the stars’ names placed ?At the bottom of the screen
  5. Why? not to distract attention away from them
  6. Describe the key images in the film. The teapot
  7. Why have they been chosen? It was said to be the hardest thing to make and everyone has to learn how to make it at some time.
  8. Talk about what images are used – stars, setting, colours, symbols, (mise-en-scene).Nervous man shows the audience that he can be related to, and even though he is in charge of a company he stil gets nervous. Also the wires and equipment can be seen, as it’s related to the topic and it shows that it’s an amature film.
  9. What do they suggest/signify? Previously answered
  10. What other images are used?The harlow college logo, Creation studios logo and demos on the computer.
  11. What are the most important colours in the film? Blue and white
  12. Why do you think these were chosen?They symbolise the colours of harlow college, where the degree will take place
  13. What do you think the film is about? foundation degree in animation
  14. Who is the target audience?Other students and people who are interested in animation


  1. What clues are there to the narrative? she asks questions to keep it flowing
  2. What can you tell about the genre of the film and the types of characters from their facial expression, body language, stance, appearance and position? They all look relaxed and happy which shows that its not an intense environment and that the people are real.
  3. What makes you say this? They are dressed casually, and talk happily and they look laid back.
  4. Is their a key image for you from the film? All the images are equally significant at portraying the message of the film, i feel there is not just one key image.


  1. What is the USP (the unique selling point) in the film? Its aiomed specifically at students considering amination at harlow college, its one of a kind and no one would be competing against it.
  2. What makes it different from other films? Its not aimed to entertain or has a storyline, its informative and aims to put students minds at rest before coming to college

Analysing Moving Image Texts: ‘Film Language’

21. SIGNS, CODES and CONVENTIONS Discuss the use of Denotation; connotation, iconic, icons; symbols,the kettel is an icon and people who are interested in animation will understand the symbolism of this

22. MISE-EN-SCENE Discuss m-e-s in a certain scene (French for ‘put in the scene’) When Ben is sitting in his room talking about animation, he is shown in a comfortable, safe environmant and also there is artifical lighting which is reflected of the computer. You can also see a cmputer screen, showing a demo of animation.

23. EDITING. Discuss the role of editing in the film. There are alot of quick cuts and a natural flow of editing which shows continuation of the story, also the screen shots of the PCs are put over the top of the scene.

24. SHOT TYPES Discuss the role of shot types in the film.

25. LIGHTING Discuss the role of lighting in the film

26. VISUAL EFFECTS / SFX Discuss the role of Effects in the film

27. REALISM ‘Verisimilitude’ Discuss whether the film is realistic.

28. Why is this so?

29. Institutions– who produced it?

30. What influence this has on the text?

31. Genre. Discuss the kind of genre the film is about.

32. How can we identify the conventions of this kind of genre.

33. RepresentationDiscuss the representation of one person in terms of who?

34. What?

35. Where?

36. When?

37. Why?

38. Is it accurate/ biased/fair?

39 Audience – who its aimed at?

40. Made for?

41. Mode of address?

42. Ideologies and values – which ideas, beliefs and values of society underpin the text?

43. NarrativeDiscuss how the narrative– develops e.g. texts structure e.g. , character roles and themes that arise

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Dvd Cover


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Magazine Design

1) Cutline- Is another word for a caption, which is what describes what is happening in a photo

2) Sidebar-information placed adjacent to an article

3) Headline-Is the title of an article

4) Pull quotes- is a quotation from an article that is placed in a larger typeface on the same page, used to highlight a key topic

5) Mugshots-a photograph of someone’s face

6) Boxout-

7) Caption-is what describes what is happening in a photo

8) Credits-Recognises/gives reference to the publishing company , editors , writers etc.

9) Exclusive-exclusive can refer to information provided to or available from only one news outlet

10) Lead story- Is the main story that a magazine is covering in that issue 

11) Masthead-The main title of the magazine , or a list usually found on the editorial page

12) Pugs-

13) Secondary Lead-

14) Spread-The space in which an article or photo is spread out across

15)Tagline-Is a branding slogan ,  the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone of the article 

16) Splash-The main Story

17) Lure-something used to attract people into buying the magazine

18) Cut-Cut is to shorten the newspaper or can also mean a photograph from the newspaper

19) Jump line-t the bottom of an article saying where the story continues

20) Dateline-is a short piece of text included in news articles that describes where and when the story was written or filed

21) Ears-the white spaces either side of the newspaper’

s name, sometimes this space has the weather or lottery information there.

22) Deck-a phrase, sentence or several sentences near the title of an article or story

23) By-line-article gives the name, and often the position, of the writer of the article

24) Menu/Index-An index is a list of words or phrases and associated pointers, where useful information relating to that heading can be found in a document.

25) Photocredit- Recognises the photographer of the photo 

26) Discuss the use of colour on a magazine page.

Each issue, the cover of a magazine usually follows a colour theme. This usually consists of two or three colours, these colours tend to be quite vibrant to catch the attention on the audience , however this does not alway apply for every audience. 

For example on this magazine cover 


There are three colours used white ,yellow and pink, this magazine is aimed at teenage girls so the colours are vibrant and ‘girly’.


27) Why use a ‘dominant art’ selection on your page?

A dominant art selection is a  design that attracts the reader to pay attention to the magazine and ultimatley buy it.

28) Discuss how typography is used in a magazine design.

Typography is the technique of arranging typefaces and font designs. Typography is crucial to a magazine design as it allows readers to clearly read and understand the magazine

This magazine uses bold colours and large font types as a tool to attract the reader.

29) What is a grid used for in laying out your magazine?

Grid systems bring visual structure and balance to a magazine design. Grids are used for organizing and presenting information within a magazine design 

30) What is the importance of using a grid based layout when designing a page?

Without using a grid based design magazine design can look messy and unclear and may confuse the reader which in turn may deter the reader from buying the magazine. 


31) List Three Careers in each of the following categories:

a) Journalism – Radio , presenting , Print

b) Writing-freelance , 

c) Reporting-News , Sports , weather 

32) Define a feature article- A feature article is the primary focus/ the main story , within a publication.

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Media Timeline =]

Media Timeline

1. Media has probably been around for about 1000 years

2. The diamond sutra was printed in 868

3.   In 1593-1661 Ayman Omar mastered ’printing and casting’ technique 

4. In 1472 William Caxton pantented his printing press 

5. William caxton published the Canterbury Tales in 1476 

6. In 1500’s the first text to be published in english was William Tyndale’s new Testament 

7. A newspaper by Johann Carolus the Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien published in 1605, is recognized as the world’s first newspaper. However the Dutch Courante uyt italian, Duytslandt,&c. in 1618.

8. The first folio of shakesperes plays was published in 1623 

9.The BBC was first recognised in 1922

10. The first tabloid newspaper was 

11. The first type writer was invented in  1867 by christopher latham

12. 1936 saw Konrad Zuse invent the first computer.

13.There are many different dates for when the first camera was invented however the first camera practical for photography was built by John Strognofe in 1685 and the first First permanent photograph was taken in f 1827 by Joseph Nicephone using wooden box camera.

14. The first gramaphone was invented in 1877 and was first patneted in 1887 by Emile Berliner

15. Sony released the worlds first CD player.

16. The VCR was invented in 1971 along with the dot matrix printer

17. Proposals for the DVD were made in 1992 however were DVD’s were made in 1998

18. Don Juan was the first film with sound , this was made in 1926

19. The first commercial radio station begun in 1973

20.  An advert for Gibbs S R toothpaste was the first advert to be aired on commercial tv, on september 12th 1955

21. The first breakfast tv show was aired in 1952 on NBC

22. Media began – years ago 

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