Production -Filming

Three days before we were going to Film , Filiz said that she was unable to do the advert for us , which left us feeling that we might not be able to film to schedule. We frantically tried to find a new model so that we could film on the date we had planned asking all of our friends, however no-one was able to make it on the day we needed them.  However a day before the day we had planned to film , Our friend Lauren Owers said that she was able to do it for the Thursday. This was great because we wanted to use her for this advert previously, however she said she could only film on a Monday or Tuesday. I addition she had also previously done modeling.So we could get started i told Lauren what i wanted her to wear and how we wanted her hair, and it was just our luck , that she had the exact same black dress we had wanted our model to wear.

26/11/09- Filming in London

We decided that we wouldn’t use a college camera , but we would use Kim’s so that we could have access to it at all times to make editing and filming a lot easier  , rather than having to book out and return a college camera, when we needed it. Before Making our way to London , we went to collect a tripod and battery from Andreas, to ensure that we had steady filming, unlike filming we had done in our AS year. Once we had done that we went to the train station were we met up with Lauren, Kim also text Ben to tell him that we were on our way to Westminster as he was making his own way there to meet us.

Once we arrived at Westminster , Lauren got changed into her outfit , we met up with Ben and then went  to our first location, which was the entrance to the train station. We chose a small entrance, in order to help the process of our filming,  because we believed that not many people would be using this entrance , therefore we wouldn’t have to keep stopping and starting. Whilst amber began to set up equipment for the shot we realized that Andreas had not given us the connection to attach  the camera to the tripod. It felt as thought it would be a repeat of last year , where a lot of our shots were shaky , and we knew we wouldn’t be able to achieve the best possible outcome we could have for the advert. Despite this we decided to get on with shooting on stedicam , as we had gone through a lot of trouble to organise it and get actors together. We then experienced problems with the  sunlight in shot causing a glare to go across the screen, so we had to wait a little while for the sun to go behind the clouds. Although  Amber worked around this and we knew we could play around with several clips in editing

We Then went on to our second Location, Which was Horse guards Avenue. We filmed them walking through the arch whilst staring at each other and looking away. At this point there was some tourists in the shot , but we thought this would add a realistic tone to the shot. To show that they can’t find each other in and amongst the crowds.

We then went into St James Park to film the final shot on the story board, where the couple meet on the bridge. We found a perfect spot which was over a lake which a view of the millennium eye in the background. We had gathered a few shots when it began to rain slightly, so we stopped, took a little break , and gave our actors some tea and extra clothing to warm up , considering they were only wearing a suit and a dress. Once the rain had cleared up we went back to the bridge to film the last scene a few more times. We noticed that a rainbow had formed in the direct line of our shot, which we thought would add to the mis-en-scene of the shot, and imply the idea that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which relates to our advert as the boy eventually finds the girl. We are just hoping that we are able to use the shot , as well as obey the continuity rule.

We then went on to film our final few scenes at Buckingham palace. This is where he sees her at the top of the fountain and they stare into each others eyes. This was a success as we were able to do the shot without the interference from tourists. Once we had done this we did a final shot in Green park, were the pair chase each other through the trees. We didn’t spend to long on this as Lauren was getting extremely cold. We finished filming at around 3pm

For each shot it was my Kim’s to brief the actors telling them how we wanted them to behave , she also had to direct the rest of cast and crew to our next location, she also told Amber what was happening in each shot in accordance with the story board and then Amber decided the best camera angle to film it from. Elliott couldn’t preform his assigned job as we didn’t require sound for this, however he did help Amber and worked with her, trying to get the best possible shots we could use. I positioned the actors and told them their cues. Throughout filming we all shared our opinions on how it should have been filmed and how to Incorperate certain famous landmarks in shot, such as the millenium eye. Although we all stuck to our roles we also had our say in other roles to ensure that we all produced a good piece of work.

On Reflection i feel that the day went better than i had expecting , despite the trouble with the tripod and the camera. I feel that the final actors we had were perfect and they suited well together, and the shots we obtained were good enough to make a good quality advert.


Filming of Bisous 5/12/09

Today myself and Kim filmed bisous. Elliott was unable to participate in the filming as he had to work , and Amber had fallen ill, therefore she was unable to come. We knew that it would be fine to go ahead and film without Amber and Elliott , as our actors were avaliable , and Kim also had the storyboards, so as long as we stuck to them it would be fine.

Although Amber is the camera women, Myself and Kim had previously had experience in using the camera when completing our AS media Coursework, also Kim and Amber had discussed all pre-production topics before filming meaning that we knew exaclty how amber wanted it to be filmed   , so that gave us another reason to go ahead with filming. Furthermore , Elliott is in charge of Editing so has more of a role within that area , rather than filming. 

To begin the filming process, I began setting up the room we would be filming in. By positioning the table and mirror we were using and proping up a net curtain by the window that we needed to use for mis-en-scene within the advert. After doing that i began to curl Sam’s hair in preperation, whilst Kim set up the Filming Equipment. 

First we began to Film Sam applying on make-up in the mirror , this had to be done in several takes as Sam kept laughing because she was embarresed of acting whilst i was in the room, so to prevent it from happening again , i stepped out of the room whilst Kim filmed , and returned again when she had stopped filming , in order to discuss the shot etc. The next shot we Filmed was of Sam spraying the perfume on herself, and we shot this scene several times in order to get the perfume bottle from different angles. 

We then needed to film Lewis’s Scene , we had to get him to walk through the door . When filming Lewis walking through the door , we found when looking back on the footage that he kept looking at the camera , so we had to film this scene several times also.  The next few scenes we shot included both Lewis and Sam, were Lewis had to kiss sam on the cheek , then they had to look into eachother’s eyes. This was a bit awkward for the actors as they had only just met and again due to embarresment they both kept laughing,however this was understandable. Despite this we managed to get the shots. 

Again all in all it was another successful filming day, however we did encounter a few problems, such as lighting. We were unable to take lights from college and the natural lighting and the lights in my room were not sufficient enough, however when filming at the right angle we managed to get a decent shot with the right amount of lighting. Another problem we encountered was the restrictions of my room as it prevented us from moving around to gain a variety on shots, but we still managed to obey  to 180 degree rule.



The auditions are taking place this lunch time, so while we are waiting to find our actors we thought it would be a good idea to look at the costumes we would like them to wear. Whilst Kim and amber updated there blogs with risk assesment forms and storyboards.

For the lost and found advert we knew that we wanted the girl to wear a cocktail dress and for the guy to be in a suit. Here are some examples of what we are looking for.

Four Bisous We decided that we wanted the man to be getting ready for work , whilst the girl is still in her pajamas putting on her make-up.

Here are examples of what we are looking for:

At lunch time we waited for people to arrive at the auditions however not many people turned up, so thinking quickly we decided that it would be a good idea to go out a recruit people ourselves, so Kim and Hayley Dutton decided to go into the canteen  go up to groups of people who were on their  break, which they found to be a very successful idea, many people said that they would be willing to take part. In total they managed to get 8 auditionees and some friends who offered to help if we couldn’t  find anyone. After Looking the pictures we chose to use Samantha Swingle and Paul Zuna for Bisous  which we intend to film on Saturday 5th December and Lewis Coventry and Clare Holland for Lost and Found however if Lewis cannot do it then Ben Slater and Filiz hassan said they will take on the role instead, we have decided  to film this on wednesday 25th November.

We also decided to upload our photos on to a photo sharing website http://www.Photobucket.com  meaning that we did not have to upload every photo we have taken on to our blogs.  The photos of our auditonees can be found on the following links

http://elliottbasselliottbasselliottbass.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/auditions/ (this is where the pictures of auditionees are)


Once we had made our final choice on our actors, Kim texted them saying that they had been chosen , what advert we wanted to use them for and what dates we intended to film.


Since our auditions , not everything has worked out as we had intended on. Once we texted the actors , we found that some simply wouldn’t reply, such as Paul Zuna and others that we had chose said we could not make it, such as Claire. In addition we could not work out a suitable date of filming due to everyone college time table and part-time jobs etc. So to overcome this Kim spoke to our tutor , who said to create a list of the problems we were facing and then as a group come up with suitable solutions to each problem. Our first problem to solve was the date for filming, we thought the best idea would be to film in a media lesson so that all of our group are able to attend. Lewis was one of the only people we had chosen that could actually do the advert for us, Kim texted him asking if he could film in London on a Thursday , but unfortunately he has college so would be unable to make it.  Following this information , we decided to ask our friends who said they would do it if we could not get anyone else. These were Ben Slater and Filiz Hassan , who would both be free on the date we intended on filming, which was good because we also found out that the weather would be good for filming.

For the Bisous advert , we knew that we could rely on Samantha Swingle as she is also one of our friends, but we still needed a male for the advert. Kim then told us that Lewis would be free on Saturdays , which is when we want to film. So we decided that we would use him for the bisous advert instead.

Once we had sorted out all our problems we then wrote down a final plan:

Ben and Filiz would be used for the Lost and Found advert which would be filmed on the 26th of November. Myself, the rest of the group and Filiz will travel to London after college, however Ben will meet us in London as he lives closer to London than he does the college. Lewis and Samantha will be used for the Bisous advert , which will be filmed at my house on the 5th of December. The rest of the crew and Samantha will get to my house via the bus and Lewis will drive to mine once we give him this address.

Despite knowing this information, Kim will still fill out call sheets telling actors were to go , just to clarify everything and to make sure everything goes to plan.

Location Research

Before going to London and searching for possible locations we thought it would be a good idea to research possible locations on the internet so that we could save time when we go to London. This research can be found on


On the 5th November the group and i went to London to look at some of the Locations that Amber had researched on the internet. We first looked at areas at Westminster , such as the Millennium Eye, Houses of Parliament and St James park.To gain a more in depth idea of how each area could be used to its full potential.


We knew that these places were what we were looking for , for our perfume advert. We thought we could use the train station for the first shot as it requires a man walking out the train station. We also said that shots 6-10 we could use St James’ park as the advert requires a chase where the male and female hide between the trees.

We then went on to visit Buckingham Palace because as we wanted to use the water fountain and the steps that can be found outside the palace gates, in addition Kim had already incorporated these scenes into the storyboar for shots 10-15.


We also took some practice shots of what type of shots we were going to include in our perfume advert.


This shot would involve the female looking down at the male , as he looks around for her , unaware of where she is.


This shot would involve the man looking up at the woman as she looks away trying not to draw his attention.

While we were at the Palace Amber and Kim spoke the police to see what our filming rights where. The officer said that we would have to obtain a free permit in order to film. So to do this Amber emailed the office explaining what we intended to do, we are still awaiting a reply.


The office still have not replied , so Kim emailed them again , so that we could progress further with our coursework , as it might hinder our filming if we do not obtain this permit.

In order for Kim to create the storyboards i need to write the narrative and script of the perfume advert , which Kim will use as a basis in which to draw each scene for our advert, such a mis-en-scene.


Advert Properties

We know that for the ‘bisous’ advert we will be potentially using my bedroom as it is white , plain and simple and has the layout that we are looking for , for the perfume advert.

Actors Needed

Male- Bruntte, tall, longish hair

Female- Blonde or brunette with long hair.


Net Curtains, bed sheets, fan, lights,dressing tables, perfume, make-up


Its morning , and a young female is getting ready  in her pure, white, fresh and airy room. The sun is shining as she sits at her dressing table, beside her open window. Her boyfriend enters the room, wearing his work clothes, while she is appling ‘bisous’ perfume to her neck. He goes to kiss her cheek  to say goodbye as he leaves for work, instead he smells her neck lovingly as he is attracted to this sweet smelling perfume. They both look in the mirror, starting at eachother and they smile.

Woman: [Sits at table , looks in the mirror, Apply Blusher and fondle hair]

Man: [Walks in to room , stares at woman , walks over to women]

Woman: [Applies perfume to neck ]

Man: [walks beside woman , leans in for a kiss , but smells neck instead]

Man and Woman: [Both Look in the mirror at a eachother]

‘Lost and Found’

Advert Properties

For ‘lost and found’ we need to location scout in London, we know what we would like to film in the wesminister area so that we can include famous london landmarks such as the big ben and the millenium eye.

Actors Needed

Male-Tall, brunette male

Female- Brunette with long hair

As well as creating narratives , the storyboards and brand name design and audition posters need to be created.


It’s the middle of london on a crisp autumn day. A Man is searching for his Love around the city. She is wandering lonely around London, looking lost and heartbroken. As the man is searching , he keeps missing her as she walks by and he arrives only seconds later in the same place. Finally, as he picks up the pace of his search they meet on a bridge by the river where they embrace for a kiss, where there is instant chemistry.

Man: [Walks out of train station, takes off sun glasses]

Woman: [Knocks into man]

Man: [stares in shock at woman]

Woman: [she looks back and smiles at him]

Man: [chases woman into a busy crowd]

They end up in St James’ park.

Woman: [walks in between the trees]

Man: [Looks out behind a tree , but woman is not there ]

Chase Continues , the end up in Buckingham Palace.

Woman: [sits on fountain gazing]

Man: [notices woman , attempts over to her]

Woman: [woman runs up the stairs]

Man: [Looks up at woman]

Woman: [Looks down at man, there is eye contact]

They both run away again, where they meet up on a bridge.

Man: [Grabs woman, pulls her closer]

Woman: [Stairs into mans eyes , they embrace for a kiss]





The story boards can be found on www.kimriw.wordpress.com

The storyboards have been created with the help of the narrative i have created, kim and amber will go over the storyboard as amber is the camera woman, therefore she can discuss what type of shots she would like to use, in order to convey the meaning of the story.

The potential Brand name design and audition posters can be found on www.elliottbasselliottbasselliottbass.wordpress.com

Elliott has experimented and creating perfume bottle labels , thinking about font , colours and background using photo shop. This has been done with the help of the rest of the group we have discussed and expressed our views on what should  be the right type of font for each perfume we should use and what colours we think would suit the theme and style of our perfume.

Further Research


We already had a pretty good idea of the type of audiences we where looking for , this would be sophisticated woman and men between the ages of 21 and 25 however i thought it would be a good idea too look at the types of perfume aimed at this market and what type of people within this market would wear it.

When researching perfume audiences i found several perfumes that where aimed at a similar type of market

The website states that “Valentino Rock ‘n Rose is a modern, stylish, feminine fragrance inspired by a new generation of young Valentino women. She is a modern woman, who combines a Rock ‘n Roll attitude with elegance and style. She is a Rose on the outside and a Rocker on the inside, innocent yet provocative.”

Looking at the advert i can draw the same conclusions as it describes above , i can also see why it is aimed at this type of market, its young looking but slightly gritty and riskeé therefore it would be too much to aim it at a younger or older audience, naming the 21-25 age group the perfect market for this type of perfume.

Similarly the advert below as a dark and glamourous atmosphere;

The website states “DKNY Delicious Night evokes the electric rush of possibility and intoxicating energy of a night in New York City. It is an exciting, seductive fragrance and much too delicious to resist.”

The idea states that its for women who want to keep up with the energy of new york, considering in American you must be 21 to enjoy the night life , again this sort of age group is perfect for the style of advert we want to create.

Considering these perfumes each had a description of the type of women they wanted to wear their perfumes , we thought we would do the same in order to help us develop the ideas for our adverts even further.

Found: This man is a confident, striking and self assured man, he is playful and assertive, he knows how to get what he wants.

Lost: This woman is a sauve woman of the world, however lives a hetic life so tends to neglect the romantic side of life, however she is still searching for her soulmate.

In addition looking at what Charles O’neill says about adverts , we would like the audience to think that if they buy this perfume ‘ The scent will attract make you irresistable , and people will search all over to find you and the scent’ hence why we are using a chase in our advert.

Bisous: This woman is feminine and fresh, she is enchanting and innocent.

Again relating this to charles O’neil, we want the audience to think that ‘with this perfume , life will be romantic and elegant’

We were also told that it would be a good idea to look at pricing for the perfume, as it related to our target audience, and whether that age group would be able to afford different priced perfumes, Elliott decided that he wanted to look this up and this information can be found on



So far we have one potential choice of music for Bisous, this is ‘Bird Song Intro’ by Florence + the Machine, Kim found this song and we all agreed that it suited the atmosphere we wanted to conjure up for this advert as its calming , feminine and light , which is they idea we want to convey in our perfume advert .However there is one slight problem in order to follow the rules of the brief we must use un-copyrighted music unless we ge permission from the artist and/or acknowledge them.

In response to this Kim began to look into who the record company for Florence + the machine by looking on the website http://florenceandthemachine.net/ and found out the record company is Universal Island Records http://www.islandrecords.co.uk. When looking at the website Kim thought it would be good to email Universal records , however she found that the record company were owned by ‘The Creative Coporation’ therefore we would have to email this company . Kim found their email address and we are planning on sending them and email requesting use of the track in our advert , if they reject us, we will still use the track but we will acknowledge Florence and Island Records.

Although we know what song we want to use for the Bisous advert , we still need to find music for the Lost and Found advert. So i thought it would be a good idea to search the internet for songs to use in our advert.

When researching we thought that the advert would suit a song with out lyrics, knowing this i found a sight that provides the backing track for many popular songs.


Searching the sites we have found a possible list of songs we could use. I am considering these songs depending on the pace of the advert, and how we edit it. If we have a fast paced advert the song should be more upbeat , but if we have a slow advert. Similar to the Ghost advert that can be found in my Research into adverts blog, we would use a slow song

  • Hometown Glory -Adele
  • The scientist-Coldplay
  • You’ve got the love (XX remix) – Florence and the machine
  • Two People -Jean Jaques
  • Girl in the Fire- Pendulam

How To Photograph Glass

The lighting is the most important aspect to consider when taking photo’s of perfume bottles. With this use must use a very dark backround or a very light background. When taking photographs of glass you also have to consider shadows and reflection , if a round bottle is used , this is minimised however if a complexly designed bottle is used then shadows and reflections are increased . The best way to solve this problem is to use natural light and no camera flashes. It says that using a lightbox is useful as it helps you control how the lighting surrounds the bottle

The best way to shoot the bottle is at an angle were the text ( preferbly the text should be writtin in black as this is more noticable) can be seen and the rest of the bottle is visible as well as good positioning for eliminating shadows.

If you don’t have good lighting or just-right angles, the color of the perfume bottle will be off. We Make sure that the color of the bottle and the fragrance inside the bottle are as close as you can get them, if not on spot.

We had a group meeting where our teacher told us although it was a good idea to research our own aspects of the package we chose to make, it meant that the group was not really working together as not everyone knew about all the research and ideas that was going on ,taking this advice we decided it to apply roles for the production of the adverts these were as following:

Producer: Kim, in this role she must be in charge of booking equipment, ensuring that all forms are filled in before beggining production, that the actors know when they are required, she will also have to check the weather forecast so that we know its a ’safe’ day to film in order to stick to continuity.

Camera Woman: Amber, She will be in charge of all filming and making sure everything looks right, she will also say whether the lighting is right .

Director: Me, i will make sure that the story boards are followed and that the actors are positioned correctly for each shot, according to what the story boards say, i will also be in charge of telling actors how to convey themselves within the scene and checking that continuity is adheared to throughout filming.

Editor/Sound: Elliott, he will edit the final product and finding the sound for it, also if we need to record any sound within the shoot he will record it for us, however this will be unlikely.

We also assigned role for the Pre-Production and these were as follows:

Designing the Brand and Posters (Font, label style etc.)- Elliott

Designing/finding the perfume bottle- Amber

Casting: Group

Location Scouting: Group

Writing the narrative/script: Me

Creating the story boards: Kim

 Filling in forms e.g personal release and health and safety: Kim

Photographing the perfume bottles/location/actors: Me

Finding Music:Elliott

Although we have assigned ourselves these specific roles, we know that will require the opinion and help of the other group members considering that there is only 4 of us within the group, for example we will all need to agree upon the photos that i take of the perfume bottle , and what one to use in our advert, when Kim create the story boards she will need to consult Amber’s on what camera angles she wants to use in addition we will all have to agree on the music that we want in our advert , despite the fact that Elliott is in charge of looking for it.

We also knew that we needed to do more research into perfumes, so we decided to split the research even more between the group.

Researching how to pictures of glass ( for when i take photos of the perfume bottle) –Me
Sex used in advertising – Elliott
Smells of perfume, Rules regarding Filming in London – Kim
Generally how to improve advert making ability – Amber

Elliott has also created a budget sheet that analyses how much in total we will have to spend on creating the advert which can be found on his blog.

Audience and Music will be researched by all , because we felt that we could all have a big input in this section , when finding diffierent examples of music and looking at what types of perfumes are aimed at who etc.


Smart Targets

In order to finish our coursework we have to set ourselves SMART targets that will help us along with the production, these should be specific, measurable. achievable, realistic and time specific.

Specific – Decide task from G324 advanced portfolio

Measurable – Required to be finished before progression is made.

Agreed-up – It must be done in order to progress onto coursework.

Realistic – We are capable of completing this task.

Time specific – Within lesson


Specific-Create the product that we want to advertise and give it a brand name

Measurable-The product will be created and a brand name will be given to it

Agreed upon- Its achievable because we need to do it in order to meet the assignment brief

Realistic-We have all the resources we need to design and create a product

Time specific- This will be done between the week

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